A Facilitator’s Journey

To help you understand what to expect from this year’s online programming, let's review an example of what your virtual Facilitator journey may look like.

Three women stand in front of the Firefox mascot, Foxy, and take a selfie with him while other MozFest attendees cross in the background.


In August, Ella learns about MozFest from a colleague who suggests that she propose a session about her movement-building work for digital rights. Ella finds the MozFest community Slack, introduces herself, and joins one of the biweekly AMAs to ask some questions, like, “What is MozFest?”, and, “When can we submit sessions?”

Ellla finds out that MozFest is a unique convening and platform for work like hers. It’s part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. She also finds out that the MozFest call for proposals will open in October, but that the MozFest team will begin sharing more information about the thematic “Spaces” at the festival and different types of sessions at MozFest in September through blog posts, Twitter, and Slack.

September - October

In September, Ella joins a Slack chat and gets a solid idea of the different spaces and kinds of sessions at MozFest. She begins drafting plans for a participatory workshop about managing personal identity and data online. After emailing her Wranglers with a few questions, she decides that her workshop would work best as a 60-minute classroom session in the Digital ID and Privacy Space since it’s all about managing identity online.

Ella comes back to the Slack in early October to schedule a quick 1:1 appointment with a Wrangler or MozFest Staff to go over her plans and gather feedback about them. She also decides to share her proposal openly on the #session-proposal-help channel to see if other community members and experienced MozFest Facilitators have advice for her. After gathering some suggestions and revising her proposal, Ella submits it a week before the call for proposals closes.

Behind the scenes, Wranglers read her session proposal and evaluate it along with others. The group confers and decides together to accept her proposal!

Success! The community volunteers - known as Wranglers - who are running the Digital ID and Privacy Spacelet Ella know that her proposal has been accepted. They begin looping her into festival support communications (or comms) that give her the key information she needs to know about the festival.

November - February

The Wranglers invite Ella and all the other accepted Facilitators from the Digital ID and Privacy Space to a special session excellence call just for their group. MozFest Staff coach the Facilitators on session design and answer their questions about the festival. Some Facilitators can’t make the call, but there are other general support calls scheduled from January through February, 2022, meant just for them.

Ella stays in close email contact with her Wranglers throughout November and early December and revises her session several times with their help to make it as accessible, inclusive, and participatory as possible.

After returning from break in January, Ella joins a few more Slack chats and AMAs in January and February to ask last-minute questions and to offer advice to other Facilitators working through the same challenges and questions she has since being accepted for MozFest 2022.


All of the sudden, it’s March and time for MozFest. Ella looks over the Newcomer Guide and packs everything she knows she will need for her first MozFest.

Just before the start of the festival she’ll attend the Facilitator All-Hands to meet her new family of Facilitators, Wranglers, and MozFest Staff. Afterwards, she hopes to explore the rest of the experiences and activities happening in her space and check in with her Wranglers. Then she’ll try to make it to the movement-building training for Facilitators and make a digital poster for her session, which she can share on Slack and social media before joining one of the virtual social events that evening.

Her session is early Tuesday during Virtual MozFest 2022, so Ella doesn’t have long to wait now. She focuses on delivering an amazing workshop and trusts that once she’s finished, she’ll be able to explore and discover MozFest and all of its people, building new relationships and restoring herself for another year of advocacy and impact.

After MozFest, Ella keeps up with the people she met in her session and elsewhere by participating on the #digitalid-privacy channel on the MozFest Slack. She finds a working group project to contribute to through that channel and also learns about an upcoming program she’d like to join to learn more about facilitation and leadership.