Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a “space” and how should I pick one for my session?

“Spaces” are like themes at MozFest. Our community organizers, or Wranglers, collaborate to create narratives that sum up the thematic focus and points of inspiration for each Space every year. Think of these narratives as an invitation to a conversation with you, the facilitator, as well as with Festival participants. You’ll find Space narratives for MozFest 2022 listed here. Pick the space that seems like the best match for your session or the space with which you identify the most. To learn more about how we use Spaces at MozFest, check out this 2019 blog post.

Who should I ask first if I have a question about my session or MozFest?

Your Wrangler team. Teams of Wranglers (representing a variety of perspectives and disciplines, hailing from all around the world) collaborate with Mozilla to develop MozFest. Wranglers self-organize around the issue or topic that energizes and engages them most, creating our thematic Spaces (see above). Wranglers develop the space narratives, review proposals, and curate and schedule the program of sessions for their Space. Your Wranglers can answer any questions about the space, scheduling and technical needs for your session, and much more! They are a primary point of contact for your MozFest Facilitation experience. If you have questions about your proposal during the CFP and selection process, you can join the MozFest Slack community and ask questions on the channel called #session-proposal-help.

How do I join the MozFest Slack?

Joining MozFest Slack is easy! Visit and add it to your account, or set up an account if you are a new user. (Note: you must be at least 13 years of age to create an account.)

When does the call for proposals (call for proposals) go live?

The call for proposals will go live on 8 October, 2021, on the MozFest website.

When does the call for proposals end?

The call for proposals will end on 15 November, 2021.

When will I know if my proposal has been accepted?

Wranglers will begin email session acceptances at the start of December, 2021.

Where can I get help with my proposal?

You can get help with your proposal in several ways! You can join the MozFest Slack community and ask questions on the channel called #session-proposal-help. You can also message @chadsansing, our staff Facilitator coach. Both Slack and our newsletter will also advertise other opportunities for help with your proposal like AMAs, office hours, and community calls.

Where can I find the program or schedule?

The first draft of the MozFest program will go live on the festival website sometime in early December. Check back then to see what our Wranglers have programmed for the festival. A first draft of a schedule with timings is planned to go live mid-January. The final schedule is currently planned to go live the first week of February.

What kind of funding or support can I get to attend MozFest?

Registration for MozFest is free. MozFest does not compensate Facilitators financially. If you need another form of support to participate, such as technical assistance or language support, please let your Wranglers know immediately.

What if I am accepted into the program, but cannot attend?

Please let your Wranglers know as soon as possible if your session is accepted to MozFest, but you cannot attend.

Will MozFest 2022 be virtual or in-person?

Your accepted proposal for MozFest 2022 is for the virtual portion of the festival only. As of right now, we’re planning MozFest as an virtual event to run from 7-11 March, 2022.. You can subscribe to our newsletter and join the community Slack for updates.

How can I engage with the MozFest community outside of festival week?

  • Follow us on Twitter and use #MozFest in your tweets. We’d love for you to share your ongoing work and community involvement year-round!
  • Subscribe to the MozFest newsletter to be among the first to know of new opportunities to collaborate with the internet health movement around the globe.
  • Join us on Slack for engaging conversation and collaboration opportunities on a variety of topics and interests.
  • Add your project to Mozilla Pulse to increase your work’s visibility