Support Before MozFest

To help you with session design ahead of MozFest 2022, we offer a number of Facilitator support programs.

A group of several people, some seated and some standing, planning and discussing MozFest together in a sunlight room with large wooden shelves full of plants, metal storage lockers, a white board, and sticky notes on the wall.
  • September - October 2021:
    • MozFest AMAs on Slack. These casual chats are for you to ask any questions you have about MozFest and the call for proposals (CFP) process. They will be live and scheduled biweekly, but you can ask questions asynchronous any time, as well.
  • October 2021:
    • CFP support calls. These structured community calls will help you understand the participatory, accessible, and inclusive nature of MozFest and how to capture the festival’s spirit in your session proposal. They will also answer any questions you have about the CFP and selection process. There will be several calls scheduled across different days of the week and different time zones.
  • January - February 2022:
    • Session excellence calls (also known as Space calls). These community calls will introduce you to your Space Wranglers and fellow Facilitators, as well as provide you with an opportunity to learn from one another about how to make your MozFest sessions as participatory, accessible, and inclusive as possible. The calls will also help you create an engagement plan for your Participants after MozFest and answer any questions you have about session design. Your Wranglers will schedule these calls with Facilitator coach Chad Sansing and share details with you early in the new year.
    • Platform training calls for virtual Facilitators. These training calls will introduce you to the platforms used for the virtual portion of MozFest 2022. MozFest staff will help you understand how to use the platforms’ key features and suggest ways those features can be used to increase engagement with your session and make it as accessible as possible to people around the world. Your Wranglers and Facilitator coach Chad Sansing will share the details and schedule for these calls early in the new year.