The MozFest Timeline

Remember that as you plan your session, you are not alone. Not only can you ask for advice from past Facilitators, Wranglers, and Staff on platforms like Slack and Twitter, but you can also join any and all of our Facilitator support programs. Here is a line-up of upcoming opportunities to get support from your MozFest community. Be sure to check your email and Slack for updates to these timings as we get closer to the call for proposals and the festival itself.

August 2021

  • Join us on Slack for ongoing, biweekly ask-me-anythings (AMAs) about MozFest and its community. These are opportunities to ask any question, big or small, about MozFest.

September 2021

  • This month, we’ll be sharing information about our upcoming call for proposals and different kinds of sessions and spaces at MozFest. Spaces are parts of the festival organized by themes like digital inclusion or privacy and security. Follow along on Slack or our newsletter to learn more!

October 2021

  • The call for proposals opens! In addition to our AMAs, you can join community calls about the call for proposals and selection process, as well as ask for coaching on the #session-proposal-help channel on Slack.
  • Sessions are ultimately chosen by our Wranglers. the community volunteers who organize and schedule MozFest weekend.
  • Many Wranglers reach out to Facilitators to discuss session plans here. but it may not happen for every Facilitator.

November 2021

  • The call for proposals closes and selection begins. Stay tuned for news on Slack about when acceptance emails will be sent to Facilitators.

December 2021

  • Our Wranglers will begin emailing accepted Facilitators about festival details.

January 2022

  • Session excellence calls will begin to be scheduled for each space, or thematic area, of the festival and its Facilitators. Platform training calls for virtual MozFest and 1:1 coaching for all Facilitators will also be available.

February 2022

  • We’ll wrap up our session excellence calls and get ready for MozFest. Your Wranglers will send you all the information you need about different events and support opportunities you should attend ahead of the festival.

March 2022

  • It’s time for MozFest!!!
    • The week before MozFest, we will offer a series of essential All-Hands gatherings for Wranglers and Facilitators to get everything in order before MozFest begins.
    • We will also host optional sessions for session promotion.
    • MozFest will run from 7 to 11 March 2022.
  • Keep up follow-up communications and opportunities to collaborate from Wranglers and Participants after MozFest. For example, you might:
    • Follow Mozfest on Twitter and use #MozFest in your tweets. We’d love for you to share your ongoing work and community involvement year-round!
    • Subscribe to the MozFest newsletter to be among the first to know of new opportunities to collaborate with the internet health movement around the globe.
    • Join us on Slack for engaging conversation and collaboration opportunities on a variety of topics and interests.