Get Involved

There are many ways to participate in MozFest, from volunteering, to facilitating a session, to watching our speaker series online. Be sure to visit this page often, or sign up for email updates, as we are always adding more opportunities for communities from around the globe to participate.

A group of people sitting around a table taking part in a session, where two people are stood either side of a large presentation screen.

Call for Proposals

We welcome sessions on a wide range of topics relevant to trustworthy AI, and the internet health movement, but all sessions must be interactive and inclusive. Anyone may submit a proposal for MozFest 2021. You don’t need any particular level of expertise to facilitate a session, just a great project, idea, or topic.

Behind the scenes of the MozFest Dialogues and Debates state, with a vision mixer in the foreground and the stage with three speakers in then background.

Dialogues and Debates

Mozilla is taking Dialogues & Debates – our speaker series portion of MozFest – virtual. It’s a chance to continue the important conversations about online privacy, trustworthy AI, Big Tech, and similar topics. You can find links to all the on-demand videos below.

Two people sat at a table crafting during a session a MozFest

Building Trustworthy AI Working Group

The collaborative spirit and innovation felt at the Mozilla Festival should be experienced all year round. The MozFest team is testing out a working group structure to support the technical community interested in building trustworthy AI and we want your help to collaboratively make building trustworthy AI a reality.

A group of volunteers wearing a MozFest t-shirt that says 'data done right' are stood on staged cheering with their arms raised.


Volunteers are at the center of the action, making connections, solving problems, gaining new skills, and keeping the festival humming along.  It’s a great behind-the-scenes chance to learn how this incredible event unfolds. If you’re a Mozilla fan and a supporter of internet health, it’s the perfect way to contribute to the cause. And if you’re a newcomer to the Festival, it’s a way to join in, have a role and a team right off the bat.