Call For Proposals

Welcome! We are so excited you’re considering proposing a session for MozFest 2022! Below you’ll find all the info you need to propose a session.

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About MozFest Sessions and FAQ

We welcome sessions on a wide range of topics relevant to trustworthy AI and the internet health movement, but all sessions must be participatory, accessible, and inclusive. You are welcome to submit more than one session proposal.

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Is this your first time submitting a proposal to MozFest? Learn more in our MozFest 101


Participatory sessions engage and activate audience members from the start and gets them making and doing.

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Accessible sessions make it possible for the most people with different needs to participate.

Two adults at a MozFest Youth Zone session help a young participant work on a computer project.

Inclusive sessions welcome participants of different ages, experience levels, and disciplines.


Learn more about MozFest, the session curation process, and how to design a participatory session in this comprehensive Facilitator Guide.


Think of Spaces at MozFest as mini-festivals. Within each Space, participants can find everything they need: interactive, community-led sessions, inspiring talks, art installations, lots of coffee, and community. Read the Space Descriptions.

Who can submit?

Anyone may submit a session proposal for MozFest 2022. You don’t need any particular level of expertise to facilitate a session, as long as you have a great project, idea, or topic. However, if you are under the age of 16 your parent or guardian must complete the form for you.

Are there other ways to submit my session idea?

Yes, for anyone who would like to submit using an audio or video recording, please email us at and we will send you the full list of questions to answer.

What type of sessions can I run?

We have created 5 session formats so that we can understand what type of session you will deliver and understand how you see the participants interacting with your session.

Art, Films and Podcasts

Includes art exhibits, film & video, or podcasts. Available for asynchronous self-navigating experiences.  Participants can explore these at any time.
No time limit.

Social Moments

Sessions focused on bringing the MozFest community together in a social format. This could include a fitness or yoga session, baking classes or a games evening.
No time limit.


Synchronous live sessions provides space for building shared understanding, comparing diverse experiences and divergent perspectives, sharing knowledge or surfacing collective vision.
Time limit: 60 mins

Skill Share

Learning sessions participants can experience on their own schedule with the facilitator being accessible for open office hours or questions for a set period of time, as well as offline documentation.
Time limit: 15 mins


Synchronous live sessions held that allow for the group to collaboratively work on a project, learn a new skill together or co-develop ideas, collectively problem solve.
Time limit: 60 mins

For the Arts, Films and Podcasts and Social sessions you will see 0 minutes listed on the proposal form - if your session is accepted we will be in contact to confirm the timing.

How will my session be reviewed?

Each group has their own set of Wranglers, a diverse group of community members who collaborate with Mozilla staff to design and produce MozFest.

This year we are using a set of criteria to help guide whether we will accept a session into the programme. The criteria is broken down into three key elements:

  • Narrative Alignment: How closely does this align with and expand the narrative?
  • Participatory Elements: How participatory and accessible is the experience proposed?
  • Post Festival Outcomes How will the session continue to engage participants post-festival?

Who will come to my session?

Participants at MozFest come with a wide range of backgrounds, ages, abilities, disciplines, and levels of expertise. The diversity of the MozFest audience is what makes the festival unique. You may have anywhere from 3 to 30 participants pre-register for your session. Anyone, of any ability level, is welcome to join the session during the event.

Will I be hosting my session in-person or virtually?

Look for this announcement for MozFest 2022 later in the year. Currently, it is TBD.

How can I prepare a great session proposal?

Pick the right Space for your session. The MozFest Weekend experience is organized into thematic sections called “Spaces”. Each Space is a collection of sessions, art installations, and workshops exploring issues and current topics relevant to the internet health movement. Your session proposal should relate and respond to the Space you select.

You must attend one of the facilitator training sessions before the event. This is for everyone facilitating, whether brand new to the festival or someone who has previously led a session at the festival.


The festival team have put together a list of 5 tips for designing engaging and inclusive session that will bring you and your work success.

What happens after I submit a session proposal?

After submitting your proposal, your name, organisation, and session data will be displayed publicly using PreTalx (our open-source curation platform) as part of the curation process. Any sensitive information that you submit (such as your email address and accessibility requirements) are redacted from public view, and can only be seen by our programme team.

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To help potential facilitators submit their best possible session proposals we support opportunities for everyone submitting a proposal.