Volunteering at MozFest

Being a volunteer at the festival is a great behind-the-scenes chance to learn how this incredible event unfolds. If you’re a Mozilla fan and a supporter of internet health, it’s the perfect way to contribute to the cause. And if you’re a newcomer to MozFest, it’s a way to join in, have a role and a team right off the bat. 

A group of volunteers wearing a MozFest t-shirt that says 'data done right' are stood on staged cheering with their arms raised.

About Virtual Volunteering for 2021

MozFest 2021 will have a number of firsts including the first ever cohort of virtual volunteers! 

The programme includes a global community of volunteers dedicated to a healthier internet, more trustworthy AI, and a more just and equitable world.


Help us figure out what it means to be a virtual volunteer and support the organizers, Facilitators, and audience members at this unique event. You can learn more about volunteering at MozFest 2021 in an upcoming blog post.

These volunteers will help support the organizers, Facilitators, and participants at MozFest, our unique hybrid event bringing together art, tech, and civil actors fighting for a more humane digital world.

Right now, we’re imagining volunteer roles like:

  • Community co-hosts who help Facilitators run and trouble-shoot online sessions.
  • Info-desk staffers who help people navigate the festival, its program, and its spaces.
  • Social stewards who help welcome people to social spaces like online coffee, tea, and hot chocolate hours.

In the lead up to the festival, we’ll be hosting a number of community calls where you can learn more about the virtual volunteer programme. Check back here for the next community call being announced soon.

Right now the Festival Production team are also asking  how we provide value back to our volunteers through continued traditions (like the volunteer tee-shirt) and new opportunities (like networking and social events with festival partners).

We’ll be asking those who registered to help us understand what makes volunteering valuable to them.

Ready to take part?