The Mozilla Festival, affectionately known as MozFest and hosted by the Mozilla Foundation, harnesses the collective power of unexpected partnerships — from analog artists and public interest technologists to policymakers and neurodiverse activists — to creatively disrupt the status quo and reframe and reimagine our online world.

We write code. We create art. We brainstorm products and policies that put the user first. And we do it as one collective movement. Together we are stronger and can accomplish more towards our common goal: a healthy internet and Trustworthy AI.

What makes MozFest unique?

Group of people cheering at MozFest opening circle stage

Open, Hackable, Emergent

MozFest sessions are interactive, immersive, and adaptable. A third of all attendees host a session at the festival, many of which are scheduled the day of, which fosters an emergent and continuous exchange of knowledge. This supports MozFest’s most enduring tagline: Arrive with an idea, leave with a community.

A session taking place at MozFest where a facilitator is supporting a group of young people

Diversity and Inclusion

At MozFest, we welcome everyone committed to building a caring and just online culture, a healthy internet, and AI that benefits people instead of harms them. As a festival team, we are committed to ensuring that each part of MozFest – from our Call for Proposals to the Sessions and after-hours events - is as open and accessible as possible by inviting people from a wide variety of backgrounds, lived experiences, and geographies to participate in our shared work.

Group of participants at MozFest colouring in decentralisation poster

Community and Federated Design

Our festival community comes from all corners of the internet health movement; an emergent group of internet users, academics, builders and activists fighting for a more humane digital world. The festival is co-designed by dozens of people from this community, bringing global representation to raise the internet health issues that matter most.

Everyone who engages with the MozFest community experiences something memorable and impactful: new collaborations and ideas for implementation in their day-to-day work and friends for life.

Festival Narratives and Themes

Trustworthy AI at MozFest

At Mozilla, we are committed to helping the world attain Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is demonstrably worthy of trust. Privacy, fairness, trust, safety, and transparency are all needed at the core of AI products and processes in order to realize Trustworthy AI.

At MozFest, this underpins the Spaces and Sessions, fueling everyone’s work, conversations, and collaborative efforts towards one common goal.

Spaces at MozFest

Think of Spaces at MozFest as mini-festivals. Within each Space, participants can find everything they need: interactive, community-led sessions, inspiring talks, art installations, lots of coffee, and community. Multiple activities are scheduled at any one time so that even within a Space, attendees can choose their own adventure.

MozFest 2022 Spaces

Creating Neurodiverse Wellbeing

Exploring not only how neurodivergent, gender diverse, and other individuals access care in the digital age, but also how communities navigate wellbeing.

Decolonized AI Futures

AI is far from being global. With AI systems embedding Western values by default, how can more diverse peoples and values change the future of AI?

Digital ID & Privacy

Over one billion records of personal data were leaked in 2020. Does privacy still matter, or is snooping the new norm?

Digitizing Cultures & Languages

Join the Digitising Cultures and Languages space to co-create and hack into the diverse cultures, heritage and languages across the globe.

Gender, Tech & Intersectionality

A space for those passionate about gender justice with a future vision of tech that centers the lived experiences of marginalized groups.

Misinformation & Disinformation

Concerned about misinformation and disinformation’s impact on connected society? Let’s exchange experiences of disinformation, misinformation and AI!

Rethinking Power & Ethics

Protecting communities from AI harms is complex and urgent. What checks on AI power do we need? Is there a place for ethics in AI governance?

Sustainability & Climate Change

Explore how the thoughtful use of digital technologies is key to addressing climate change and building a sustainable future.

Youth & Futures

Youth & Futures is not just run for youth but by youth. No matter your age, language or location we will share, listen, create, innovate and have fun!

Connect With Us

The MozFest community doesn’t wait until festival weekend to connect and collaborate. There are many ways to participate any time of the year:

  • Join us on Slack to connect with past and present Wranglers, Facilitators, Volunteers, Production Staff, and participants just like you.
  • Sign up for the festival newsletter to hear about opportunities around the community and at Mozilla where you can get involved.
  • Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the most up-to-date information on festival news and updates.