MozFest House is a local extension of MozFest, the premiere gathering for activists, artists, technologists and educators in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. Join us for small in-person sessions, workshops, and discussions. Join us in Amsterdam, from 19-21 June, 2023.

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This year, MozFest House is harnessing our collective power to better our digital landscape, build transformative systems, and sustain momentum within our community towards positive human and digital rights progress.

It is through the collective power of the people that we can actualize Trustworthy AI and move the needle on important issues such as bias, transparency, data stewardship, and movement building.

What To Expect

Full festival passes provide access to all MozFest House happenings for the entire event and the garden party. Single day tickets provide access to sessions for that day. As an added bonus, both tickets also grant access to On-Demand sessions, Art & Media content, and Lighting Talks from MozFest 2023 which took place earlier in the year.

The Garden

Take a stroll in The Garden to slow your pace and deepen your knowledge. Attend lo-fi sessions, participate in meditation practices, and visit the garden room for thought-provoking installations to ground yet challenge you.

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Ethical Dilemma Cafe

Grab a free drink, explore installations, listen to inspiring talks, and join workshops that raise the issues we face with data today. Designed to raise awareness of the ethical dilemmas that arise when personal data is collected and used, what personal data would you give up for a drink?

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Collaboration and community comes to life in the Lounge. Extend rich conversations from sessions, chat with friends both old and new, and work side-by-side on the exciting projects emerging at MozFest House.

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The schedule is now live, and with dozens of interactive and engaging workshops, roundtables, and installations, there is something for everyone. Whether you are an artist, policy maker, educator, activist, technologist, or someone who uses tech at home or work, we welcome you!

Featured Sessions

Tech We Trust

We need to prepare the next generation of digital leaders to understand the dangers of biased algorithms. In this fun workshop, design your own algorithm, and then see it in action. Can you be fair? Or are you accidentally creating a disadvantage among your peers?

Who Pulls The Strings Of AI?

A challenge for developing AI in a responsible way is to address how power dynamics influence the creation of an AI system. Using boundary objects, AI power dynamics become tangible and interactive for even those with no technical experience.

Ethical Dilemma Cafe

Grab a hot drink, explore installations, listen to related talks and join workshops that raise the issues we face with data today. What personal data would you give up for a free hot drink?

Fostering Transparency and Building a Cooperative Economy

By being open and transparent, we can build trust and empower people to hold tech companies accountable. Join this roundtable discussion to outline action items for policymakers, leaders, and civil society organizations.

Cross-cultural & Generational Interactive Media Exploration

In this workshop, use words contributed by women/womxn from over 40 countries to create art that explores concepts of beauty and gender through the PearAI.Art participatory app, countering AI's misperceptions of us.

Monday, 19th June opens with a garden party from 17:00 to 19:00, giving you a chance to receive your House access lanyard and grab a drink while networking with other attendees.

Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st run from 09:30 to 17:30, where you can attend workshops, Dialogues and Debates panels, lo-fi sessions in our garden, and a lounge room to relax, co-work, or network. You’ll also have a chance to stop by the Ethical Dilemma Cafe for a free hot drink and to explore installations, listen to talks, and join workshops that raise critical issues we face with data on a daily basis.

For youth in attendance, there will be youth activities on Wednesday afternoon in the garden.

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MozFest House volunteers who give us 5 hours of their time, get free access to all three days of sessions, installations and events. Sign up to volunteer -->

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MozFest House: Amsterdam is taking place at Tolhuistuin

IJpromenade 2, 1031 KT Amsterdam - Located next to Buiksloterweg ferry terminal and Buiksloterwegveer bus stop.


MozFest House is made possible through individual contributions, sponsors and partners. We thank them and hope you will join us.

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MozFest Fringe Sessions

Can’t make it to Amsterdam for MozFest House? Do you want to further your work from MozFest Virtual and continue to engage with the MozFest community? Join us virtually on June 19th & 20th to connect with a global audience immersed in movement building and experience topics contributing to a healthier internet and more trustworthy AI.

Slots are very limited and we’re keen to highlight Facilitators who are continuing their work from MozFest Virtual.

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