MozFest House

From Monday 21 to Friday 25 October, MozFest House in Central London hosts talks, workshops, film screenings and networking opportunities in the run-up to the Festival Weekend.

Events on Monday 21 October, 2019

BBC - Public Spaces, Private Data: can we build a better internet?


The internet has enormous potential to be a force for public good, with many initiatives working to create an open, inclusive and trustworthy network. and BBC Research and Development have worked together to organise this one day conference at MozFest House during Mozilla Foundation’s week-long open internet festival.

It will explore ways in which we could make a new internet that strengthens the public domain and deliver public value online, in line with PublicSpaces commitment to providing an ecosystem of alternative digital tools that serve the common interest and does not seek profit.

Consequence Scanning Taster Workshop


Do you know how to be a Responsible Innovator?

Technology is an amazing source of wonder that can reshape the world. So you need to be confident about the impact your products will have. Even the best intentions can lead to harm. How can we anticipate the consequences of our technology?

Join us for a special session covering Consequence Scanning: the agile event for Responsible Innovators.

This workshop will take an existing product (which many of you will be familiar with!) and use a variety of lenses to break down the intended and unintended consequences attached. This process enables participants to challenge product design to improve its safety, inclusivity and accessibility.

Exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence


Join Voice Magazine and the Mozilla Foundation for an afternoon exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on young people today. Discuss the good it might do, how it might be used in the future and what the product makers should consider - your privacy, how you want to use it, and how far it should go.

We invite 14-25 year olds to this afternoon which will allow you to get hands on with AI products, give you a chance to voice your thoughts and be considered as this technology develops. You don’t have to be a techie, you don’t even have to know anything about how AI works. We want people to come along with all viewpoints, creator or consumer, to learn a bit about it and feed in to the conversation.

Can machines think responsibly?” – a London Tech for Good meetup


Every day we see more examples of the use of artificial intelligence emerge that not only showcase the transformative potential, but also the increasing threats of AI in our lives.

So how can we ensure that we use AI as a force for good? How can we use AI to help us imagine and realise its potential to meet the challenges we’re faced with today and in the future?

This event as part of the London Tech for Good meetups ( will hear from a range of speakers paving the way for responsible AI to become the new normal.

Co-Working Space @ Mozfest House


Each day MozFest House offers a co-working space inside the RSA which includes an open cafe to work from and host informal meetings, and quiet corners around the building to work.