MozFest House

From Monday 21 to Friday 25 October, MozFest House in Central London hosts talks, workshops, film screenings and networking opportunities in the run-up to the Festival Weekend.

Events on Thursday 24 October, 2019

Teams & collaboration: How an interdisciplinary approach gets the work done in journalism tech


Join OpenNews for a day of hands-on, collaborative sessions from local London journalists and visitors about how we work together in journalism and tech, how we engage folks from disciplines outside of journalism, and what we need to do to create cultures that are welcoming to all perspectives and value innovative thinking.

Decolonizing the Internet’s Languages (continues from Wednesday)

This is a 2-day convening, hosted by Whose Knowledge?, where invited community activists, scholars, linguists, archivists, and technologists come together to discuss how we can create a more multi-lingual internet. 

Queer Engagement Lab @ MozFestHouse


The Queer Engagement Lab (QEL) is a space to celebrate, share knowledge and take collective action while we determine together what Internet Health means for LGBTQI+ populations and how can we create a more private, decentralized, diverse, open, and free internet for LGBTQI+ people around the world.

The QEL is an open dialogue space about the implications of AI, how can we address the challenges that machine learning and other technological developments represent for LGBTQI+, and how can the internet become a tool for collective liberation.

Come to explore the internet health for LGBQTI+ and celebrate the kick-off the Queering MozFest experience!

Extinction Rebellion: Using Self-Organising Systems to build a decentralised movement


MozFest participants with interests in decentralisation, self-organisation, and movement building will join together with Extinction Rebellion activists to explore self-organising systems as a framework for decentralised movements. Through a series of interactive exercises, they will learn about the principles and practice of the XR UK Self-Organising System, share their own experiences with decentralised movement building, and consider how they might apply principles of self-organisation in their own communities and the internet health movement.

Streamr's Mozfest panel - Should we sell our data?


Digital Ethics is already tasked with answering some of the most important questions of the 21st Century. Freedom of speech, privacy, equality and even democracy itself are imperilled because of huge technological developments that the internet has enabled. Now a new question is rising up the ranks of digital ethics: if huge multinational tech corporations can sell our data why can’t we do it ourselves?

Carl Miller - Research Director, Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, Demos
Shiv Malik - Streamr
Renate Samson - Open Data Institute
Valentina Pavel - Privacy International, Mozilla Fellow

Naomi Colvin - Blueprint for Free Speech / Wikileaks

Wine will be served during the evening.

Co-Working Space @ Mozfest House


Each day MozFest House offers a co-working space inside the RSA which includes an open cafe to work from and host informal meetings, and quiet corners around the building to work.

Responsible Computer Challenge


This is a privately hosted event.