MozFest House

From Monday 21 to Friday 25 October, MozFest House in Central London hosts talks, workshops, film screenings and networking opportunities in the run-up to the Festival Weekend.

Events on Tuesday 22 October, 2019

Mapping Public Interest Technology Ecosystems


What do communities need to evolve into a future of effective digital-service delivery and ethical machine decision-making; what tools, platforms, resources, people and organizations do they need in place, and how can they ensure that data-driven decisions work FOR the people, BY the people? Join us for a full day workshop exploring what digital government service delivery looks like in cities around the world, and mapping out global digital ecosystems. 

Life Sci Hack

09:00-21:00 (continues on Wednesday)

Life Sci Hack: a global traveling hackathon bridging the fields of software engineering and life science is coming to the Mozilla House this year. The event aims to tackle the difficulties faced in big data, data interoperability, software toolkits, education, and AI/machine learning.

Engaging Digitally with Youth Voice


Working with young people but unclear how digital technology like social media and AI affects them or your ability to communicate?

From the charity behind and the Arts Award alumni network, this training has been designed with support from the Social Investment Business and explores the principles and practicalities of engaging young people in decision making, projects and more, both live and digitally.

We welcome practitioners, managers and young people to join us for the conversation and engage in the training.

Movements and Traditional Advocacy: Bridging the gap


Rising social movements around the world are increasingly shifting cultures, institutions, and entire systems — and challenging traditional models of campaigning at the same time. Informal civil society groups and formal advocacy organisations are often working on the same issues for change, but NGOs struggle to find their place in environments with more fluid and nimble structures, emergent strategy, and with lots of distributed leadership. 

How can “established” civil society groups and NGOs find ways to collaborate with these important new sources of power and energy to achieve shared goals? Under what conditions is collaboration possible or valuable — and when should it be avoided? 

This is a unique opportunity for NGO leaders and campaigners to explore how campaigning and advocacy organisations are engaging with new movements and how they could be working together in ways that are equitable and just for genuinely transformative and lasting change.

This is a closed event, but should you wish to find out more please contact

Responsible AI in practice - a tech for good meetup side-event


Come along to our workshop to explore how you can put all that we know about responsible AI and data into practice. We’ll have some stellar facilitators guiding you through the various stages of developing a responsible AI product or service and provide practical tips and resources to use tech as a force for good.

Co-Working Space @ Mozfest House


Each day MozFest House offers a co-working space inside the RSA which includes an open cafe to work from and host informal meetings, and quiet corners around the building to work.