The Production Schedule

After onboarding, Wranglers stay connected and collaborate with their team via regular video or phone calls, emails, and chat channels. They share info, progress, and learnings with the entire group on regular Wrangler support calls, held on a bi-weekly or weekly basis (depending on the phase of Festival Production).

This is where Mozilla’s expertise in developing open source communities and coordinating complex remote work comes in handy.

Production team staff are there to facilitate and troubleshoot this process, and provide platforms and structures for great collaboration, even for those working across time zones, on different schedules, and with varying access to tech.

Here’s a rough outline of the phases of MozFest production:

  • Onboarding
  • Team Building, Design Discovery
  • Logistics and Planning
  • Outreach & Building Community
  • Call for Proposals
  • Curation & Scheduling
  • Facilitator Training & Support, More Community Building
  • MozFest
  • Experience Debrief