What Is MozFest?

MozFest is a gathering of educators, activists, technologists, researchers, artists, and young people dedicated to creating an open, safe and inclusive internet for all.

Typically MozFest is held in person, over the course of seven days. In 2021, as a result of the global pandemic, MozFest was an all-virtual event, attracting a global audience for twelve days of workshops, discussions, interactive art pieces and more. As the pandemic continues and access to vaccinations and travel remain limited for many, for MozFest 2022, we’ll explore the possibilities offered by physical, virtual, and hybrid gatherings, and with our Wranglers we’ll design an experience that’s sensitive to needs of our varied communities.

While the format might be different, our core principles haven’t changed: MozFest sessions are collaboratively-designed, community-focused, participatory, and action-oriented.

Unlike a typical tech conference, MozFest’s program of sessions is a uniquely welcoming, hands-on, collaborative experience. In workshops, dialogues, and interactive art installations, participants from around the world share diverse perspectives, skills, and knowledge... all with the aim of making the internet a better place to live, love, debate, work, and play.

Wranglers are essential movement builders, reaching out to communities far and wide. They learn, share, and amplify open practices throughout the co-design process.

Thank You London | MozFest 2019

The session program is rooted in Mozilla’s commitment to movement-building and our “open” ethos. As movement builders, we seek to forge new partnerships, invite diverse collaboration, and create structures for mutual support and action. “Open” means sharing decision-making with our communities, and co-creating projects, resources, and convenings that are inviting, accessible, and easily reusable. While the festival takes place just once a year, we see projects evolve, communities grow, and relationships deepen year round.