Space Narratives

“Spaces” thematically organize collections of sessions at MozFest. Space Wranglers collaborate to create narratives that sum up the thematic focus and points of inspiration for each of their Spaces that year. Think of these narratives as an invitation to a conversation with you, the facilitator, as well as with future Festival participants. Familiarize yourself with the Spaces to find the best home for your session. Pick the Space that seems like the best match for your session or the Space with which you identify the most.

MozFest 2022 Spaces

Creating Neurodiverse Wellbeing

Do you--or others you know--think, relate and engage in ways that don’t fit ‘typical’ social norms? Such experiences are common for those on the neurodivergent spectrum and many others.

Many of us, especially neurodivergent people, experience multiple challenges online and offline, struggling to address our mental, physical, and emotional concerns.

We’ll explore not only how neurodivergent, gender diverse, and other individuals access care in the digital age, but how communities navigate wellbeing. Join us to explore how tech is built and brainstorm new ideas to increase access for neurodivergent individuals. By creating art and cultural works, community, hackathons, and storytelling, we can inform technology and enhance the user experience for neurodivergent individuals and our global communities.

By gathering to share in a welcoming and supportive Space, we can break down barriers and grow opportunities for healing change. Come help us build networks of trust and equity in the digital age!

Meet the Creating Neurodiverse Wellbeing Wranglers

Decolonized AI Futures

The Artificial Intelligence we believe to be global is far from it. Worldviews, practices and algorithms embedded in the knowledge of the Global Majority. African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American, Black, Indigenous, and people who have been racialized as ‘ethnic minorities’ - have largely been kept apart from the development and implementation of AI, treating Western perspectives as objective universal truths.

How does this impact our lives around the world? How can a diverse set of values enrich the conversation? Should we create AI frameworks and policies that are universal?

We aim to bring together a diverse community of knowledge guardians, researchers, technologists, activists and journalists. Submissions from the Global Majority are encouraged, all are welcome. Together, we will explore the use of algorithms, AI research and case studies from AI in real life and envision a future for AI that involves a meaningful dialogue of values.

Meet the Decolonised AI Futures Wranglers

Meag Doherty

Washington, DC

Mozfest Wrangler 2022. Research software at National Institutes of Health. Aspiring vegan Italian cook.

Uffa Modey

Middlesbrough, England (and Lagos, Nigeria)

MozFest 2021 & 2022 Wrangler. Software Engineer. Co-founder & Global Lead at Digital Grassroots.

Kiwako Sakamoto

Berlin, Germany & Japan

MozFest Wrangler 2021 & 2022; a feral researcher; prev @World Bank to institutionalize data science with responsible practices

Digital ID & Privacy

We are connected and interacting online now, more than ever, accelerating the drive towards digitization even as new threats to our privacy and security emerge. We have every right to be concerned whenever restrictions by governments, institutions, and corporations use technology to impose on our rights and freedoms, especially on our privacy.

The Digital ID and Privacy Space invites those who are interested in and have experienced issues with digital privacy: cybersecurity activists, community builders, and everyone who contributes to or uses the internet today. This is a Space to discuss why we should protect our digital identity, what dangers we face, and how we can tackle these challenges individually, as a community, and as a society. Join us and you will leave MozFest more informed, empowered, and ready to secure your personal data while leading others in doing the same.

Together, let us collaborate to build a safer and healthier internet for all.

Meet the Digital ID & Privacy Wranglers

Prathamesh Chavan

Pune, Maharashtra, India

Technical Project Manager at Red Hat


São Paulo, Brasil

Technologist and activist advocating for digital privacy & security, feminism and human rights. MozFest 2022 wrangler & ambassadress

Digitizing Cultures & Languages

Did you ever wonder how languages are shaped by cultures and vice-versa? Society defines values, and the way every information is spread reflects and embodies those values. Unfortunately, our digital sphere does not reflect the huge diversity of the world. Consequently, millions of people are excluded from the web sphere since their languages, and cultures are not digitally represented.

To reinvent a better digital world, the Digitising Cultures and Languages Space welcomes language activists, creators, historians, GLAM institutions and AI builders to co-create a Space to hack into the diverse cultures, heritage and languages across the globe.

Let’s build databases, AI driven web or mobile applications, virtual or physical platforms to root the preservation of the world’s cultural and linguistic diversity. Let’s develop technologies that embody this diversity in order to reduce inequalities across the globe and to preserve endangered cultures and languages. Together, let’s shape our common future!

Meet the Digitizing Cultures & Languages Wranglers

Bhuvana Meenakshi Koteeswaran

Salem, Tamil Nadu, India

MozFest 2018-22 | Socio-Tech Researcher | Spatial Cadetz |Mozilla Rep | Mozilla OL7 grad | NeuroDivergent

Sadik Shahadu

Accra, Greater Accra region, Ghana

MozFest Wrangler/Ambassador for Mozilla Festival 2022, Mozilla OLX Fellow and West African Indigenous Language Coordinator at Art+Feminism.

Gender, Tech & Intersectionality

Are you passionate about gender justice in tech? Does your future vision of tech center the lived experiences of women, LGBTQIA+ folk, people of color, the economically excluded, and other marginalized groups? Do you work to ensure disruptive technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), not only do no harm but also challenge and dismantle systems of oppression like capitalism, extractivism, patriarchy, racism, and colonialism?

If so, let us continue the ongoing, global conversation about harnessing the power of AI to help build a more gender equal world. We will examine issues and solutions to develop and design AI for liberation from consumerism, misogyny, racism, the gender binary, and heteropatriarchy.

This Space is for women and gender diverse people in tech, women's human rights defenders, LGBTQIA+ advocates, anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion advocates, feminists, researchers, academics, technologists and anybody interested to showcase their advocacy work, research, campaign, innovations and more through collaborative and participative sessions around emancipatory AI.

Meet the Gender, Tech & Intersectionality Wranglers

Misinformation & Disinformation

Misinformation and disinformation are not new concepts. Yet, technology such as blogs, digital adverts, information platforms, deep fakes, memes, and conspiracy theories, and social media algorithms have enabled their real-world harms to be felt like never before. In recent years, the world has witnessed the spread of disinformation that endangers public health during COVID-19, be weaponized, to spread disharmony amongst communities, target minorities, influence elections, and contaminate public discourse.

Are you concerned about these issues and their impact on society in our interconnected world? If yes, then this Space is for you. We welcome all activists, technologists, researchers, artists, policymakers, journalists, and anybody else who thinks about disinformation and AI. We invite you to share ideas, research, activism and projects around disinformation.

Together, let’s exchange experiences, build understanding of the complex, nuanced challenges and explore solutions in the struggle for eliminating disinformation and preserving authentic human connection!

Meet the Misinformation & Disinformation Wranglers

Brian Obilo

Nairobi, Kenya

Mozilla Fellow working towards advancing Cyber Security Capacity Building and promoting Cyber Awareness and Resilience approaches.

Eriol Fox

Bristol, UK

Non-binary (They/Them) Designer, UI & UX, Illustrator, LGBTQ+, Queer, Sex positive, Feminist, Gamer, Vegan(ish). Designer @ushahidi

SDE @Zeta Suite || MozFest 2022 Wrangler

Rethinking Power & Ethics

As AI transforms our lives at breakneck speed, it becomes increasingly difficult to assess its benefits and harms, its impact on human rights and democracy, and how we work, learn and even live together.

How do we protect communities from harms that are made invisible by historical marginalization, and ongoing exclusion from AI design and governance? How do we move beyond corporate-sponsored invocations of ‘AI ethics’ that fail to be a check on power? How can ethical frameworks be made actionable, reshape inequities and be deployed for the meaningful governance of AI?

This Space invites activists, artists, civil society, researchers, technologists, designers and storytellers to rethink the intersection of ethics and power in tech. Bring your voice as we explore actionable insights to enact the kind of society we want for tomorrow.

Meet the Rethinking Power & Ethics Wranglers

he/him | Ethicist | 2022 Wrangler (Rethinking Power & Ethics) | 2022 TAIWG Project Lead (Accountability Case Labs) | Open Post Academics

Umut Pajaro Velasquez

Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia

Mozfest 2022 Wrangler and Ambassador. Queer in AI, BA in Communication, MA in Cultural Studies, Queer Artivist, AI in ethics researcher.

Lawyer and researcher on tech + society. Mozilla Fellow '19-'20 MozFest Wrangler '21,'22

Sustainability & Climate Change

What would it look like to have more just and equitable access to sustainable technology and infrastructure (like energy or water systems) as the climate changes? How might we understand biodiversity and its relationship to technology? What shifts to our agriculture systems would benefit the earth? How might we address the environmental impact of emerging technologies such as AI and cryptocurrencies? Can we reuse or repurpose our technology in interesting ways?

In the Sustainability and Climate Change Space, we explore how the thoughtful use of digital technologies is key to addressing climate change and building a sustainable future.

We welcome a wide range of people - from technologists to artists, refugees to indigenous nations, activists to energy modelers, policymakers and beyond. Join us in reimagining technology’s place in a sustainable future through interactive sessions, art, and cross-disciplinary conversations!

Meet the Sustainability & Climate Change Wranglers

MozFest 2019 Wrangler & 2018 Mozilla Creative Media Awardee

Beth Duckles

Portland, Oregon

she/her | Social scientist & Research consultant | 2022 Wrangler (Sustainability & Climate Change) | Open Post Academics | Lover of tea

Gracielle Higino

Brazil / Canada

Theoretical & Quantitative Ecology freak. SciComm & Open Science leader. Catalyst of movements.

Youth & Futures

We are not just a Space run for youth, but by youth

Are you a young person, a youth ally or someone open to joining youth on their own terms to explore issues such as sustainability, education, artificial intelligence, internet health, coding, gender diversity, activism and digital cultures?

This Space boosts the participation of children, adolescents and young adults for a better digital future for all.

No matter your age, language, or location, join us for exhibitions, workshops, panels and other activities covering games, art and design, community projects, apps, web content and more. We will share, listen, create, innovate and have fun!

This year MozFest’s Youth and Futures Space invites collaboration from schools, civil society organizations and groups focussed on or led by youth.

Become a part of our global movement connecting knowledge and ideas across generations for the tomorrow we want!

Meet the Youth & Futures Wranglers

Dervla O'Brien

Northern Ireland

Mozfest Wrangler for YouthZone 2016-2021. Computer Science graduate, Artist, Poet & Semi-Professional Minecraft Developer (long story).

Iseult Mangan

Mayo, Ireland

Mozfest attendee since 2015, Wrangler for Youth + Futures, Interested in technology in education, and safeguarding youth online!

Joseph Thomas

London, UK

Mozfest Wrangler 2018 -2022. Software Engineer with ANDTr. Aspiring failed comedy writer.