The MozFest Weekend experience is organised into thematic sections called “SPACES”. Each Space is a collection of sessions, art installations, and workshops exploring issues and current topics relevant to the internet health movement.

Web Literacy

Web Literacy Banner

We conduct most of our daily lives on the internet, from socialising with others through platforms like Facebook to consuming entertainment on YouTube and accessing important government and financial services. Yet, very few of us understand why a given movie was recommended on Netflix, or we were shown a particular item on Google. Increasing our understanding of how such algorithmic processes work on the web is necessary for us to become active shapers of the web.

This space will focus on promoting this understanding, offering ways for citizens of the web to become active creators and contributors to our collective online experience instead of just passive consumers. This space will also surface the challenges and barriers that a lack of web literacy creates, bringing human stories to the fore of the conversation.

Join us to make sure the internet stays human-focused!