MozFest is a unique opportunity to partner with Mozilla, show your commitment to a healthy internet, and connect with thousands of like-minded thinkers.

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About Mozilla

We exist to protect the internet as a global public resource, open and accessible to all. Mozilla is the maker of Firefox, the open-source browser that more than 300 million people rely on for a safer, saner online life. But a healthy internet requires more than great products. So Mozilla also supports bright minds and big ideas through our fellowships and awards. We publish critical research in our annual Internet Health Report. We run global advocacy campaigns around issues like online privacy and net neutrality. And we connect open internet leaders at events like MozFest.

About Mozilla Festival (MozFest)

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2019, MozFest is the world’s leading event for the internet health movement. The week-long, London-based festival showcases world-changing ideas and technology through workshops, talks, and interactive sessions. Each year, over 2,500 attendees from around the world and across disciplines gather to discuss, debate, and build an internet that uplifts humanity. Our featured speakers include individuals like Zeynep Tufekci, Julia Angwin, Audrey Tang, and Brian Behlendorf, who are leading their respective fields and changing the way we interact with the world. Watch main-stage talks from MozFest 2018, or browse the MozFest blog.

Get your tech on at London's biggest internet conference, with hackers, activists, creators and journalists at over 300 workshops, talks and parties.


Why Sponsor MozFest

MozFest is a unique opportunity to partner with Mozilla, show your commitment to a healthy internet, and connect with thousands of like-minded thinkers. If you believe in a saner, more private, and human-centered digital experience online, there is no better place to spotlight those values than MozFest. Covered by NPR, WIRED UK, The Guardian, and other top publications, MozFest provides ample opportunities for exposure. In 2019, as we celebrate our 10th-annual festival, sponsors have the chance to interact with the people, projects, and code that will shape the internet in years to come.

MozFest is good at both leading the conversation into the broader interdisciplinary field (e.g. education, journalism, science) and illuminating technology practices and their implementation.

MozFest Attendee


Mozfest and Mozilla by the Numbers

Stats and figures about MozFest 2018 and Mozilla

2,500 participants from 64 countries | 451 presenters, speakers, and facilitators across seven days and two venues | 300+ hands-on sessions and workshops | 450,000 followers on social media | 70,000 social media engagements each month | 2,300,000 email subscribers | 78% of the main stage speakers were women (Mozilla was awarded a Gender Avenger Gold Stamp) | 25,000 unique visitors to mozillafestival.org in the three months before MozFest | 1 week of events that brings amazing people together to protect the internet for all

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

The following matrix highlights the benefits you can expect as a MozFest sponsor. Your experience can be customized where possible, and all sponsors receive full access to special events throughout the week. You can look forward to a personal concierge service from Mozilla to help you get the most from your experience.

MozFest Sponsorship Benefits Matrix

Event Sponsorship Add-Ons

Get the most out of your sponsorship by supporting one of our signature MozFest events and showcasing your brand at key moments during the week. Each event sponsorship delivers unique visibility and engagement opportunities with guests.

Friday Night Science Fair ($25,000)

Be at the center of MozFest’s one-of-a-kind showcase of the projects and ideas that are shaping the future of the internet. As a co-presenter, you can engage with over 1,000 attendees through your featured, branded booth at the Science Fair and logo featured prominently throughout the event.

Saturday Night Party ($20,000)

Sponsor our signature party with 500 guests, multiple rooms, bars, and live music. The Saturday night party is a celebration of the movement for a healthy internet. The venue is rich with branding opportunities and is remembered by many as a highlight of the festivities.

Sunday Closing Party ($15,000)

With more than 200 guests, the closing party is the perfect send-off after a week full of world changing ideas and innovation. As a sponsor, you will have multiple opportunities for brand visibility and engagement to make a lasting impression on our guests.

Friday Welcome Reception ($10,000)

Be remembered for kicking off the weekend festivities by sponsoring our stakeholder welcome reception at Craft London. This is an opportunity to connect with 150 of our most influential partners and friends such as foundation funders, Mozilla leadership, Mozilla fellows, and MozFest sponsors.

Sunday Networking Breakfast ($5,000)

Co-present the Sunday morning networking breakfast and help attendees make connections that will have lasting impacts. With more than 200 guests, there is immense potential for your sponsorship to play a role in connecting the next generation of leaders.

Custom Sponsorship Add-Ons

Take your sponsorship to the next level with unique opportunities to showcase your brand on swag and services.

Branded Coffee Lounge ($25,000): Unsurprisingly, the conference coffee stations are some of the most popular destinations throughout the week. With a branded lounge, you can transform the space into a place for over 2,500 people to network, relax, and/or talk to you about your work.

Lanyard Sponsorship ($20,000): Guarantee your logo is seen by branding it on every lanyard worn by over 2,000 conference attendees.

Swag Bag Sponsorship ($20,000): Have your company on everyone’s mind with a logo featured on every swag bag presented at the registration table.

Branded Water Bottles ($15,000): With your logo on every water bottle in the swag bags, attendees will be thinking of you as they stay hydrated.

Headshot Booth Sponsorship ($10,000): Help attendees leave MozFest with a lasting asset for their professional careers by sponsoring a booth for professional headshots.

Speaker Welcome Gift Bag ($10,000): Connect with our featured speakers and key partners by having your company co-brand dozens of welcome gifts.

Sponsored Charging Station ($7,500): Host a branded phone charging station and keep attendees connected and happy.

Custom Events For Small Groups (Inquire For Pricing): We welcome your ideas for special events.


The best and brightest should be at MozFest, yet many can’t attend because of economic hardship. Help us ensure these up-and-coming leaders and innovators are represented at MozFest. Your support will help us play an important role in breaking down the barriers that, too often, limit the diversity needed for an open, accessible, and inclusive internet.

Sponsors will receive recognition in print and online materials, and also receive a shout-out at the festival.

What Is Covered

As an international festival, we know it can be particularly difficult for many to afford attending MozFest. For this reason, our scholarships aim to fully fund a recipient’s flights, hotel accommodations, registration, and food for the weekend.

Scholarship Costs

One scholarship: $2,500 Two scholarships: $5,000 Four scholarships: $10,000 Ten scholarships: $25,000

It was a true honor to be part of this year's Festival. Working in the same team with talented friends from diverse countries and backgrounds was really humbling. It may sound cliché- but for a latino women like me, this experience was something I never dreamt of...being part of the organization team was something special. Thanks to amazing people at Mozilla my life has changed for good, and so the life of many others in this lovely community.

MozFest Wrangler

Please contact Jesse Ward at jessew@mozillafoundation.org for more information about MozFest sponsorships.