From the AI IRL space and the Building Trustworthy AI working group we are organising a hackathon to help build an inclusive community of AI practitioners that fosters collaboration and ethical practices. We seek to promote and boost relevant projects that are working towards building more trustworthy AI by engaging AI practitioners, and the general public, to contribute to these projects. 

a poster that reads trust me I'm an AI

The project sprints of the hackathon will take place on the 13th of March where we will all be building together and contributing to the projects. On the 14th of March we will have a hackathon networking event aimed at AI practitioners, with several thematic and regional sessions, as well as a closing event with demos of the featured projects.

March 13th (Project Sprints)

For now, here are the project sprints that will take place during the hackathon:

March 14th (Networking Event + Project Demos)

The Hackathon Networking Event will have the following sessions:

14:00 CET 
17:00 CET
19:00 CET

For a ticket to attend any of the events listed above, register for the Hackathon!