We are committed to the realization of Artificial Intelligence that is worthy of trust, both on and offline. This commitment brings important topics such as bias, transparency and the stewardship of data to the forefront of the internet health movement.


Bias is the result of systematic design that allows for power to be unevenly distributed. It shows up in our personhood, in who we are as people today, but it is the result of systematic, historical, and oppressive structures. In order to change bias, we need to redesign the system.

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In 2020, 81 countries had "computational propaganda" showing up on social media.
Industrialized Disinformation: 2020 Global Inventory of Organized Social Media Manipulation. Samantha Bradshaw, Hannah Bailey, Phillip N. Howard. Oxford Internet Institute, 2021

MozFest 2023 Spaces

Think of Spaces at MozFest as mini-festivals. Within each Space, participants can find everything they need: interactive, community-led sessions, inspiring talks, art installations, lots of coffee, and community.

Autonomy & Governance

AI is morphing into a monster, taking hostage users’ privacy and power, and shedding good faith systems of transparency and awareness. It’s time we combine super powers and become our own heroes!

How can we create a safe boundary between power holders and common individuals who are fighting over data in AI? Can we convert this challenge into an opportunity and create a comfortable environment for users to safely share data for the development of technology? At MozFest 2023, we will answer these questions and focus on diverting the flow of power away from the AI monster, and back into the hands of the people.

A poster on a bulletin board that says 'Trust Me I'm An AI' A poster on a bulletin board that says 'Trust Me I'm An AI'

Radical Inclusion

Can the internet and AI be shaped to accommodate the diversity of humanity? No two human beings are alike. We have different abilities, think in singular ways, speak many languages, and belong to communities with unique cultural, societal, and economic value systems.

The Radical Inclusion experience invites you to shift your point of view. Through audiovisual activities, storytelling, and much more, we will facilitate connections that explore how our ability, neurodivergence, language, and culture impact how we move through the digital world. Our collective voice can influence the future of the internet and shape Trustworthy AI. At MozFest 2023, immerse yourself in radical inclusivity and the imaginative ideas that are born from it.

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Youth Zone

All aboard! Everyone is invited onboard the S.S. MozFest as we sail on the sea we call the internet. No hand is too small to learn how to navigate the open waters of our digital world and create the ripples that will grow into waves of change for future generations. Whether it’s your maiden voyage or your 100th, all voices are important as we chart our course through our digital world, together.

Skill sharing, animations, TikTok dances, gaming, team building, confidence, coding: these all await you aboard the S.S. MozFest. Join us to learn the ins and outs of the internet in a fun, new way! The question is…where should your journey start?

an photograph taken at the youth zone at mozfest, where a young facilitator is helping a young participant with a code issue during a session.


The MoZone Space brings together people and projects connected to the wide constellation of Mozilla’s work, with a focus on Trustworthy AI. As Mozilla celebrates 25 years of building a better internet, join staff, fellows, alumni, and partners as we imagine the next quarter century together.

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MozFest provides hundreds of community-led, immersive sessions that tackle topics that matter most for a healthier digital world. Learn more about how transparency has showed up at previous festivals.


Community Spotlight: Meet Amelia

Her podcast, Wampum.Codes explores the intersection of ethical values, culture, and internet technology with native and indigenous game designers, comedians, artists and more!

Other Mozilla Opportunities

Did you know that you can expand your MozFest experience to dozens of other opportunities that Mozilla offers? For more than two decades, Mozilla has invested in visionary ideas, global leaders, and people-centered campaigns to ensure the internet remains open and accessible to all.

Contribute Your Voice

Common Voice is an initiative to help teach machines how real people speak, helping to make voice recognition open and accessible to everyone.

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The AI Medicine Cabinet

This episode of the Internet Health Report podcast that explores a new dataset for Black skin health, a Covid chatbot in Rwanda and AI diagnostics in rural India.

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This white paper unpacks Mozilla’s theory of change for supporting the development of more Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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