We are committed to the realization of Artificial Intelligence that is worthy of trust, both on and offline. This commitment brings important topics such as bias, transparency and the stewardship of data to the forefront of the internet health movement.


Transparency is key in tackling large systematic issues – it allows us to see clearly where the root of the problem is and what real solutions are. Transparency is a core tenant in co-creation and openness, a practice through which to conduct work, build new technological tools, and engage with others.

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"By making AI black boxes transparent, consumers can understand how and why decisions are made — and choose alternatives, or demand change. Transparency unlocks accountability and agency."

Ashley Boyd

MozFest 2023 Spaces

Think of Spaces at MozFest as mini-festivals. Within each Space, participants can find everything they need: interactive, community-led sessions, inspiring talks, art installations, lots of coffee, and community.

Humans Behind The Machine

Self-driving cars, deepfakes, TikTok recommendations — why are they black boxes? Is it just algorithms that are opaque, or is it made opaque so it appears to be autonomous ‘magic’? Who are the humans behind the machines and below the algorithms, and what are their labor conditions? As AI permeates our everyday lives, it’s important to consider the people behind it. Just as we want to know where our food comes from, farm-to-fork, it’s important to understand the origins of the AI that impacts our lives. At MozFest 2023, we will uncover the many roles people play in the AI machine and discover just how automated AI really is.

Join us at MozFest 2023 to learn how to power mine, a way of combining your power with that of others across the AI supply chain, and identify opportunities to negotiate value and ultimately shift AI power dynamics.

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Utility of Transparency

As AI systems grow in complexity and use in society, we know less and less about how they actually work. AI systems that drive everyday interactions and decisions are not always auditable and understandable — even by those who develop the technology. The result: systems that often commit and perpetuate harms, with little insight into how it technically happens. We want that to change. Join forces with us at MozFest to build tech and systems that promote responsible and informative transparency, and tackle questions such as: How can transparency lead to accountability? What do users, researchers, regulators, and platforms need to effectively interrogate AI systems? And what can we learn from existing cultures of transparency, like open source?

At MozFest 2023, you’ll leave feeling connected, inspired, and equipped to tackle questions of transparency — and its utility in holding platforms accountable for harms — all while promoting a free and open internet. Together, we can reimagine tech futures that center your voice and amplify your power.

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The MoZone Space brings together people and projects connected to the wide constellation of Mozilla’s work, with a focus on Trustworthy AI. As Mozilla celebrates 25 years of building a better internet, join staff, fellows, alumni, and partners as we imagine the next quarter century together.

Together, we can protect our communities from the harm AI is causing, and build tech that will put humanity and public good at the forefront to effect positive change. We will cross-pollinate our work and movements, collaborate toward collective action, and imagine new realities!

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MozFest provides hundreds of community-led, immersive sessions that tackle topics that matter most for a healthier digital world. Learn more about how transparency has showed up at previous festivals.

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Community Spotlight

Meet Ian

“I appreciate that Mozilla runs the festival in the open. It’s transparency to the tenth degree. I really appreciate that they’re trying this stuff, seeing where it goes, and kind of always in this constant cycle of, “Let’s try this, see how it goes. Let’s build on it or decide if it’s not for us.” Feedback is quick and used well”

Other Mozilla Opportunities

Did you know that you can expand your MozFest experience to dozens of other opportunities that Mozilla offers? For more than two decades, Mozilla has invested in visionary ideas, global leaders, and people-centered campaigns to ensure the internet remains open and accessible to all.

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