On June 23rd, the The Rhizome of Babel will be transformed into an interactive world that envisions the abundance and diversity of human languages – an ecosystem in its own right – as an alternative vision of prosperity that privileges biodiversity over monoculture, opacity over transparency, relationality over hierarchy.

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What would it look like to have an abundance of diversity of human languages brought to life in an interactive virtual environment?

The Rhizome of Babel is an interactive digital project that re-examines the biblical tale of the Tower of Babel from an anti-imperialist and ecological perspective. To reconceptualize how we conceive of and understand language, we will be engaging in biomimicry. Instead of a tower as mentioned in the biblical account, what is aspired to here is a rhizomatic network (similar to a root system, but further decentralized) that stretches and expands sideways, as we develop new ways of understanding one another.

Created by Kosisochukwu Nnebe, in collaboration with Lucas LaRochelle,the MozFest community collaborated together during a session in March and is now preparing for the next stage of the project in Mozilla Hubs.

All are welcome to explore this digital space and contribute their voices to the collective audio environment, contributing to language as a living organism.