The Mozilla Festival, affecionately known as MozFest and hosted by the Mozilla Foundation, harnesses the collective power of unexpected partnerships — from analog artists and public interest technologists to policymakers and queer activists — to creatively disrupt the status quo and reframe and reimagine our online world. 

We write code. We create art. We brainstorm products and policies that put the user first. And we do it as one collective movement. Together we are stronger and can accomplish more towards our common goal: a healthy internet and trustworthy AI.

What makes MozFest unique?

Spaces and Sessions

Think of Spaces at MozFest as mini-festivals. Within each Space, participants can find everything they need: interactive, community-led sessions, inspiring talks, art installations, lots of coffee, and community. Multiple activities are scheduled at any one time so that even within a Space, attendees can choose their own adventure.

“The festival is known for its community feel, the diverse audience it attracts and covering a huge range of topics often eschewed by more ‘pure tech’ conferences.”


A group of participants taking part in a session at MozFest One of the many sessions that emerge from the conversations taking place over the Festival

A third of attendees are hosting their own activity at some point during the event, which translates to a continuous exchange of knowledge between attendees. This supports MozFest’s most enduring tagline: Arrive with an idea, leave with a community.

A Look Into A Space: Decentralization

By empowering people to change technologies, policies, and societies, we take control away from centralised authorities and monopolies. The wrangling team behind the decentralization space curated sessions with the intention of moving power back to the people and communities to ensure that the internet and machine decision making processes are controlled by those they affect rather than being governed by the few.

In 2019, there were 47 sessions in the Decentralization space, some of the highlights included:

Trustworthy AI and Internet Health

At Mozilla, we are committed to helping the world attain Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is demonstrably worthy of trust. Privacy, transparency, human well-being and mechanisms for accountability are all needed at the core of AI products and processes in order to realize Trustworthy AI.

A poster on a bulletin board that says 'Trust Me I'm An AI'
Person wearing a tshirt that says this technology could fall into the right hands

At MozFest, this underpins the Spaces and Sessions, fueling everyone’s work, conversations, and collaborative efforts towards one common goal.