Diversity and Inclusion

At MozFest, we welcome everyone committed to building a caring and just online culture, a healthier internet, and AI that benefits people instead of harms them.

As a festival team, we are committed to ensuring that each part of MozFest – from our call for proposals to the sessions and after-hours events - is as open and accessible as possible by inviting people from a wide variety of backgrounds, lived experiences, and geographies to participate in our shared work.

“Tech conferences are notoriously bad at putting together gender-diverse speaker lineups… but look what Mozilla has done! Their speaker lineup consists of 78% women, a whopping 79% of whom are women of color!”


A photograph of three participants standing together and smiling at MozFest 2017 A group of participants at MozFest 2017

Over the last ten years, we have welcomed 30,000 artists, activists, technologists, digital rights advocates, educators, students, and journalists from 106 countries with the specific aim of curating a space that represents all members of our diverse, global community and that everyone receives an equal and fair opportunity to participate.

You will see this at the festival, where people of varying ages and backgrounds are represented on the main stage each year (our youngest speaker was 9 years old). The Youth Zone encourages the young and young at heart to not only actively participate, but lead sessions themselves. And finally, free creche is available for parents to allow participation among families.

Here are a few festival moments that highlight what inclusivity means to us

A unicorn in the MozFest Queering space, with a paper tag advertising a 'Queer Censorship' session

'Queering MozFest' is an experience that invites queer and allied identified participants to convene, reflect and relax throughout the festival.

The title card for the Dialogues and Debates titled 'The Tech That Helps Us & The Tech That Harms Us", which includes images of each of the speakers.

Dialogues & Debates tackle topics such as ways consumer technology can both help and harm communities of color. These talks are hosted by those directly impacted and passionate about the topics, from a diverse geographic representation.

The Neurodiversity logo (of a brain made half of love hearts) is on a banner hanging next to the banner for the 7th floor.

In the Neurodiversity Space, neurodiverse voices are lifted up to intersect with and enhance the internet health conversation.