As we prepare for MozFest 2021, we’re excited to offer exciting Spaces to organize our thoughts, conversations, and work towards an internet that is open and inclusive. Given the racial justice uprisings, climate crisis, and political division that have swept the globe this year, it’s apparent that the role technology plays in perpetuating or solving these harms is up to us.

The internet and Trustworthy AI is directly layered into these crises and their remedies. The AI that powers online platforms can help connect us during these crises — but it can also misinform us and polarize us. These Spaces at the Mozilla Festival provide a place for us to safely discuss and work towards positive solutions, together.

Spaces at MozFest 2021



How are AI algorithms actually developed and deployed within human systems? Do different societies view and use tech differently? Can we assess moral decisions about AI in diverse cultural contexts?

While the AI research community is starting to recognize the need to address the social impacts of AI, there’s a serious lack of case studies that show how AI algorithms and technology interact with our complex world.

We invite global communities of AI builders, researchers, practitioners in various domains, and everyone affected by AI to investigate the evidence, share insights, and explore case studies on AI in real life.

A person stands by an installation at MozFest with the title 'Would you trust decisions made by AI' with people adding red, yellow and green stickers depending on their level of trust.

AI Wellness

AI Wellness is a transformative space changing artificial intelligence into authentic intelligence. This Space will channel community knowledge and experiences with technology to inform the future of human-centered AI that benefits society and individuals.

If you are a dreamer, innovator, artist, technologist, storyteller, healer, or defender of healthy online communities, please join us. 

We invite you to contribute by sharing stories about how AI shapes our lives, by demystifying technology with understanding, and by creating community-centered solutions for healthier AI. 

Together, we will envision AI that promotes joy, healing, and wellbeing for all.

Two people stand next to a piece of art on the wall, one of the people is pointing to the point and explaining the work.

Creative AI

Can complex code be written creatively? Does art emerge from AI algorithms? How can we teach AI— or about AI—creatively? At MozFest you will have plenty of room to explore these questions in the Creative AI space!

By fuelling a community that uses creativity to re-envision, question, and interact with AI and its effects on our daily lives, we will co-create a better future where humans and machines collaborate to unleash the best of us.

Collaborative art making, hands-on learning, open studio sessions, critical reflection, forward facing discussions, web-native exhibitions and much more await you in the Creative AI space!

Group of participants at MozFest colouring in decentralisation poster


In the face of rising fascism and wealth gaps globally, it’s clear that power has not been distributed equally. Our digital lives are increasingly centralized on platforms controlled by fewer and fewer large corporations. Did our optimism fail us? What communities have found success, weathered the storms, and have important lessons to share?

We invite communities to share their decentralization practices: how they share power and resources, inspire collaboration, and take action. We welcome voices that are critical of modern, techno-heroism approaches, and projects that dismantle the power structures and economic incentives keeping us from truly decentralizing.

A map of the world, with post it notes attached showing the locations of different participants from MozFest.

Global Culture and Heritage

Time to re-discover and map the paths of our culture and heritage.

Who are we? Where do we come from and where are we going? We each carry with us our own culture which shapes our everyday lives and perspectives. Our paths converge on the internet: a digital space for preserving history, celebrating heritage, and learning what we share and what makes us unique. 

Through discussions, workshops, art installations, cultural parties and “virtual embassy” booths, we invite you to share your unique culture, uncover how culture affects technology use, and collaborate on a culturally responsive framework for the future of technology design.



The diversity of human cognition has driven our civilization for millennia. Our creativity and imagination has advanced technology towards the singular horizon of artificial intelligence.  As we reach for this horizon, are we considering the possibility of diverse machine cognition alongside our own Neurodiversity?

Through a Neurodiverse lens, we will blend fresh perspectives on transformative topics, experiments, opportunities and artistic expression to test the future of an equitable, inclusive internet.

Together, we’ll reimagine and redesign a compassionate, multi-diverse digital ecosystem. An ecosystem that proactively supports our neurodiversity and explores the principles of a neuro-inclusive digital community.

A person stands at an installation looking into a lens. The title of the installation is printing onto the side and reads 'Openness Shutter'


In 2020, one of the worst health and economic crises in a generation has fuelled new hope for collaboration and openness—no one can confront these challenges alone. Urgency demands even greater accountability and transparency in machine decision making, data sharing, and privacy. 

We call upon technologists, researchers, medics, legislators, investors, and global citizens to launch, empower, discuss, and celebrate projects and communities that keep collaboration, transparency, and inclusion at their core. 

For a healthy society and trustworthy AI, we need your voice, perspective, and brain power. Let's work together at MozFest 2021!

A sign making session at MozFest, showing different stencil of phrasing - in the centre the stencil reads 'making change'

Shifting Power in Tech

Technologies like AI can help connect and uplift us, but may reflect oversights in design and assumptions about whose interests technology can or should serve. 

This Space uplifts voices that are often missing from crucial conversations about the design, creation, and implementation of tech. This space will offer technologists, academics, internet and human rights activists, journalists and designers a place for reflection, action, collaboration to allow people historically shut out of tech to be involved in the design of and control over the technology that affects them. 

Add your voice as we share stories, convene to build solidarity and create allyships which will foster a just and equitable future of technology.

a model city built from cardboard


A sustainable future is one that is focussed on justice and equity for current and future generations. Green tech, supply chains, sustainable making, repair and reuse, smart cities, tech policy, carbon footprints: there are many pieces to this puzzle. 

In the Sustainability Space, identify your piece of the puzzle through debates, interactive sessions, art, virtual fish bowls, and more. As the climate crisis approaches and global inequality peaks, let’s organize, share experiences, and put these pieces together for a sustainable future. 

Together, we’ll stand back and see an image of an equitable and just future.

A person holds a megaphone, with a sticker that says 'Mozilla Advocacy', to their mouth.

Tech for Social Activism

Are you an activist or organizer fighting for equity and justice? Are you building technologies that center and protect human rights? If so, join the Tech for Social Activism Space. Together, we’ll share and co-create strategies that harness technology to strengthen our work, build solidarity across movements, and envision safe activism. We’ll examine how technology can be used to surveil and suppress activism, or to connect and amplify movements. We’ll discover innovative ways to use technology to foster a culture of community care for activists.

Let’s explore the good, bad, and ugly of technology as a tool in the struggle for justice and human rights.

Two young participants, working together on a laptop at MozFest

Youth Zone

The Youth Zone is a fun, creative, crafty adventure. It’s a Space where young people (and those young at heart) collaborate to design and share original art, music, games, and stories.

The Youth Zone experience emphasizes privacy, mutual respect, understanding, and trust. We explore intelligence—both artificial and real—while working to build supportive global communities in extraordinary times.

Join us for youth-led hackathons, maker sessions, digital showcases, interactive exhibitions, and educational sessions hosted from around the globe, all in one exciting virtual Space.