Join us for a virtual MozFest, starting March 8th 2021

Arrive with an idea, leave with a community

MozFest is a unique hybrid: part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world.

3,000+ participants

Artists, activists, technologists, advocates, students, and journalists with a single mission: a better, healthier internet

400+ sessions

Immersive sessions that teach privacy best practices, develop solutions to online misinformation and harassment, build open-source tools, support Trustworthy AI innovations, and more

82+ countries

MozFest welcomes activists from Taipei, coders from Berlin, educators from Nairobi, researchers from Brasilia, and others from regions and movements around the world

12 days of programming

MozFest unfolds over the span of two weeks, with interactive sessions, films, talks, round-tables, hack-a-thons, exhibits, and socials.

Whether playfully or audaciously - it is only by imagining what does not yet exist: new pathways, new solutions, new possibilities - that we can break our silos and strengthen our commitment to operate interdependently. The joy of playfulness and invention that is at the core of MozFest is critical to fueling our movements.

J. Bob Alotta - VP, Global Programs - Mozilla

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Read the full blog post by J. Bob Alotta on why MozFest 2021 is such a vital time for the festival.

Over the last ten years, MozFest has fueled the movement to ensure the internet benefits humanity, rather than harms it. As the festival matures and moves online for this year, we’ll remain focused in our work to build a healthier internet and more Trustworthy AI. Register for tickets now for MozFest 2021 where the brightest minds and most ambitious ideas from the internet health movement will come together under one roof.

The Best of MozFest

Dialogues and Debates

MozFest’s Dialogues & Debates stage features talks and compelling panels about the intersection of the internet and society. With the goal of inspiring action for a healthier internet and more Trustworthy AI, programming has included a wide range of diverse topics and speakers. Past speakers include:

Sessions That Made an Impact

Of the hundreds of sessions that take place over 14 days, these sessions represent some of the diverse work and audience of the festival that inspire us towards a healthier internet.

Guide to the XR UK Self-Organising System

The Extinction Rebellion Self-Organising Systems team ran an session on self-organisation and building decentralised movements, sharing experiences between the internet health and environmental movements. See this project

Moral Labyrinth

Moral Labyrinth is an art installation that encourages participants to reflect on their own complex (and sometimes contradictory) sets of values through philosophical questions about our relationships to technology and the world. View this project..