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15 years of Mozilla Festival, and we’re just getting started.

Mozilla Festival is where passionate individuals unite to build a better internet.

Whether you create art, code, program, or scroll with concern about the digital future - you're in the right place. Our mission is to make the internet a better, safer, and fairer place for everyone and now more than ever, your voice is crucial.

Reclaiming the internet starts with us, and at Mozilla Festival, your ideas have the power to create real impact. Join the movement to shape the future of the internet for the better.

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The internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible.


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On Togetherness & Solidarity

In 2024, Mozilla Festival is focused on Solidarity. This year, we are hosting MozFest House in The Netherlands & Zambia. We are also hosting monthly Virtual Gatherings, uniting our global community.

  • Togetherness

    Together, we’ll stand in solidarity, leveraging our global efforts to drive change at a local level.

  • Opportunity and Abundance

    Together, we stand against unfair treatment in our communities and around the world.

  • Collective Wellbeing

    Together, we reform policy, tools, and economic infrastructure, rewriting the rules for AI.

Meet Our MozFest House Amsterdam Speakers

Julia Angwin
Award Winning Journalist & Author
Marwa Fatafta
MENA Policy and Advocacy Director, Access Now
Olga Tokariuk
Chatham House OSUN Academy Fellow
Kambale Musavuli
Founder, Aether Strategies
Itika Sharma
Deputy Editor, Rest of World
Rachel Carmona
Executive Director of Women’s March

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MozFest is not just an annual date on the calendar. It's a collaborative community taking action on the issues that matter most all year long.

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