Issues and Themes in MozFest Sessions

The Festival is an invitation to explore and reflect on issues that are central to our online lives. During our community co-design process, Wranglers as well as Mozilla staff, raise issues that will become the focus of our Call For Proposals (CFP), and drive community-building efforts throughout the co-design experience, at the Festival and beyond. In past years, the festival has highlighted issues and convened participants around issues such as openness, sustainability, decentralization, activism and tech, AI and wellness, neurodiversity, “queering” tech spaces, and more.

Each year at MozFest there’s an overarching festival theme, designed to highlight connections across issues and generate new ideas and transformative action.In 2022, we’ll continue to focus on Trustworthy AI, In response to ever-emerging, ubiquitous artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that are changing how we live and work worldwide.

A group of people sitting in a circle, talking, at a MozFest session
Wranglers and Facilitators gather the day before the Festival for training

In the spirit of inclusivity and interdisciplinary collaboration, anyone can submit under our CFP. One doesn’t need to be a tech expert or influencer to run a MozFest session. Each year we have roughly 500 session Facilitators delivering in an incredibly rich, varied experience for participants—in the form of workshops, games, art installations, discussion groups, and much more.