Why Wrangle?

Wrangling is a big time commitment and a lot of work, but there are many benefits! Wranglers have the opportunity to:

  • raise the issues that are most pressing for them and their communities;
  • gain new skills in community-driven design, event management, virtual workflows, collaborative practice and more;
  • forge new personal and professional connections with unexpected collaborators from around the world.
A group of wranglers from the Privacy and Security space at MozFest 2018

Many past Wranglers relish creating a unique event where the majority of participants leave delighted, energized, and inspired. We’ve heard from past Wranglers that their views were challenged and transformed for the better by working with others from a range of backgrounds.

Past Wranglers have gained invaluable leadership, and event management skills. And we’ve seen Wranglers use the Festival as an opportunity to reach out and collaborate with a personal hero, an individual or organization they’ve always admired. Thought the commitment is significant, the benefits are truly great.