The Wrangler Role

There is no particular skill set or experience required to be a MozFest Wrangler. We seek people who have:

  • insight, enthusiasm and dedication around an internet health or trustworthy AI issue;
  • a willingness to collaborate, share and learn skills; openness to new, varied perspectives;
  • strong connections to a vibrant community that they’ll bring to the festival;
  • capacity to consistently dedicate time and energy to the project over a 6-month period
Decorating the Decentralisation space with a magical winged serpent's tail of streamers

Successful Wranglers are good collaborators. This means they’re comfortable with team-oriented practices like listening, communicating, compromising; they’re willing to share important tasks like planning and decision-making; they’re ready to take risks and try new things. Wrangling is a behind the scenes role; so it may not be ideal for those who want to be the star of the show!

A successful Wrangler should have deep community connections, and be able to rally those communities. Due to the emergent nature of this work, Wranglers need to see unexpected outcomes as learning opportunities, not failures. Ideally, a Wrangler has some experience with the festival and can use that insight in the co-design process.

Wrangling is a significant commitment of time and energy. We’re asking volunteers to stick with a big, complex project over a period of months.

Wranglers must be able to dedicate between 2 and 8 hours per week to the project (hours vary depending on production schedule).