Top luminaries, grassroots activists, creative technologists, and interested consumers from around the world gather to share their insights, reflections, and ideas at MozFest. These conversations and collaborations are too good to not share on-demand, all year long.

MozFest 2023 Highlights

Mozilla Festival - Virtual 2023

20th - 24th March 2023

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MozFest House: Amsterdam

19th - 21st June 2023

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MozFest House:   Kenya

20th - 21st September 2023

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Collective Power

As we investigate Trustworthy AI and the ways in which we can move from opaque, closed systems towards open, transparent ones, we center the people: builders, users, whistle blowers, and all those affected. MozFest is the gathering place for human intelligence that weaves in ancestral, ecological, technical and spiritual knowledge, to move the needle in shaping Artificial Intelligence.

In 2023, MozFest harnessed our collective power to better our digital landscape, build transformative systems, and sustain momentum within our community towards positive human and digital rights progress. It is through the collective power of the people that we actualize Trustworthy AI.

2023 Main Stage Speakers

Laste year, MozFest amplified voices from different movements who each contribute to technologies of resistance that are actively shaping our realities. This is just a glimpse of some of the inspiring voices who took to the main stage this year:

Angela Davies
Acclaimed Scholar and Political Activist
Chris Smalls
President & Founder, Amazon Labor Union
Daniel Motaung
Facebook Whistleblower
Frances Haugen
Facebook Whistleblower
Nadya Tolokonnikova
Artist, Activist and Founding Member of Pussy Riot
Seyi Akiwowo
Founder and CEO, Glitch
Parable Experience in Mozilla Hubs
Virtual Experiences

Parables Experience

Explore and watch incredible talks from global artists and activists as they connect, and relate their histories, practice and teachings to Octavia E Butler's Parable series. Recorded at MozFest Virtual in March 2023.