Co-Creating MozFest Sessions

The program of MozFest sessions is co-created with three groups of volunteer community members, including the Wranglers, as well as Mozilla staff. During the co-design process, Wranglers self-organize around the issue or topic that engages them the most, whether it’s one we’ve explored in the past or something totally new.

A Wrangler works closely with four to ten others developing and delivering a Space. Wranglers are welcome to share and convene communities around their space well before the festival, or even before the Call for Proposals! Wranglers create a short description called a “space narrative” that becomes a jumping off point for conversations, exploration and co-discovery. These narratives become the basis of the Call for Proposals (CFP), and organize the session program into thematic “Spaces.”

Wranglers assemble a geodesic installation in the Queering MozFest space

Wranglers circulate the CFP to entice potential facilitators to submit session ideas. Wranglers curate and schedule sessions, and they continue to build and support a community around their Space—of facilitators, participants, Mozilla staff—anyone and everyone is welcome! These contributors bring new ideas, skills, and energy to the experience.

At MozFest varied contributors and communities come together; Wranglers welcome everyone and facilitate connections among sessions, people, and projects.

Each group of collaborators is encouraged to step up and take ownership of the process, think creatively, and take risks. Everyone involved needs to be flexible, open to new ideas, and willing to work hard. We call this process “Federated Design.”

Why produce the session program this way? We recognize the amazing diversity of knowledge, expertise, and creativity in our communities. By designing with community members like you, we create an experience that’s new every year, that reflects the richness of our movement, and stays relevant to the work, hopes, challenges, and dreams of communities around the globe. We couldn’t do it without you!