Groupes de travail sur l’IA digne de confiance

As we seek to support the MozFest community in building more tools and technology that promote Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI), we would like expert AI Builders to work alongside highly engaged Civil Society Actors in envisioning a more equitable automated future.

About the Working Groups

Working group members are a global collective of individuals passionate and/or curious about Trustworthy AI who come from many different educational and professional backgrounds, as well as exhibit different levels of skill and knowledge as it relates to AI. These groups will begin meeting in September, 2022 and carry on through April 2023.

Building Trustworthy AI Working Group

The Building Trustworthy AI Working Group for AI builders is an engaged community of over 400 global members who aim to help the MozFest community build more Trustworthy AI. We invite developers, funders, and policy-makers expressly concerned with technical products and standards to this group.

Our three main goals of this working group are to: 

  1. establish best practices in key areas of Trustworthy AI. 
  2. include more diverse stakeholders involved in building AI.
  3. develop new technologies as building blocks for developers.

Join a Project

Want to participating in a working group as a contributor (rather than project lead). Join one of the following projects.

Building Trustworthy AI Working Group

These projects have been invited to the MozFest TAI Working Group for AI Builders where they will develop tools and technology that promote Trustworthy AI. Working group projects will be showcased at MozFest 2023.

  • Kwanele App Pilot
  • System to Filter Out Unwanted Content from Incoming Social Media Data
  • Bountiful Futures

Trustworthy AI Community Experiences in Mozilla Hubs

These projects have been invited to build virtual worlds that promote Trustworthy AI in Mozilla Hubs. TAI community experiences will be available for exploration at MozFest 2023.

  • AI-musement Park
  • Public Engagement in AI: An Around-the-World Tour by AI Future Lab
  • Algorithmic Oppression: Online Representation of Reproductive Rights
  • A Game Jam on Tackling Misinformation and Disinformation

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If you have questions about proposing or leading a project, please reach out to either of the MozFest team working group chairs Temi Popo or Chad Sansing. You can also find us on the MozFest community Slack.