Mozilla Festival is not just an annual date on the calendar. It's a collaborative community taking action on the issues that matter most all-year long.

Mozilla Festival is all about community.

We gather, online and in person to connect, collaborate, and make positive change in our digital world. From our Volunteers, to our Wranglers, to our Facilitators – we are human rights and digital activists, artists, technologists, teachers, and students with a single mission: a better, healthier, internet.

A group photo containing MozFest Staff, Wranglers, Volunteers, and participants at MozFest House Amsterdam 2023

Federated Design Principals

Mozilla Festival is shared by design. Mozilla gives Wranglers driving lessons, and then hands them the keys to the car. In turn, they chart a map that Facilitators use to make the schedule come to life. Those Facilitators then take participants on a ride that inspires them to take action in their own local communities. And the Volunteers are the mechanics that ensure our adventure runs smoothly each step of the way.


These individuals seek out new and exciting directions for the festival and who will lead the festival’s Spaces and Experiences.

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The hosts of the hundreds of individual sessions, experiences, and interactions that attendees engage with during the festival.

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Festival attendees arrive ready to share ideas and get their hands dirty by writing code, designing games, teaching others, and more!

Volunteer at Mozilla Festival

Being a volunteer at the festival is a great behind-the-scenes chance to learn how this incredible event unfolds. If you’re a Mozilla fan and a supporter of internet health, it’s the perfect way to contribute to the cause. And if you're new to Mozilla Festival, it’s a fantastic way to dive in, take on a role, and join a team from the start. And if you’re a newcomer to Mozilla Festival, it’s a way to join in, have a role and a team right off the bat.

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All the volunteers from MozFest 2018, standing on stage cheering.
Borhane Blili-Hamelin, PhD is a MozFest 2022 Rethinking Power and Ethics Wrangler
Community Spotlight

Meet Borhane

"I was incredibly inspired by the global, massively cross-disciplinary community of builders, advocates, organizers, researchers, (...list...does...not...end), at MozFest."

Data Futures Lab Showcase

The Data Future Labs (DFL) Showcase highlights local builders around the world developing data tools and platforms that prioritize the needs and interests of their communities. In the fast-paced world of AI and data the popular discourse and priorities are set by a small but vocal minority. Through the DFL Showcase we hope to highlight and support a more global outlook on Data Futures and bring together dedicated funders ready to prioritize and invest in those futures.

Through the Looking-Glass: Tracing Shifts in Al Data Consent across the web

Shayne Longpre, Data Provenance Initiative, US


Do Not Train Tool Suite

Cullen Miller, Spawning, US


Leaving No One Behind

Nataša Krčo, Computational Privacy Group, Imperial College London, UK


Regenerative Indigenous Al: Building the First Languages Al Reality

Michael Running Wolf, First Languages AI Reality, Canada