We are committed to the realization of Artificial Intelligence that is worthy of trust, both on and offline. This commitment brings important topics such as bias, transparency and the stewardship of data to the forefront of the internet health movement.

Trustworthy AI

2024 is urgent. 83 elections will be taking place in 76 countries. Ongoing global conflict and warfare will continue to impact the climate, increase loss of life, and fuel divisiveness. This year promises to be one of the five warmest years in history. The widening gap in access to the internet and new technologies is deepening inequality, particularly in the world's most vulnerable areas. Artificial intelligence (AI) will impact 40% of global employment on top of the existing precarious labor conditions.

The emphasis on AI and its stake in these issues is ever more pressing, and we need to tackle them in connection to one another.


"15.7 trillion. The amount AI is predicted to contribute to the global economy by 2030."

Sizing the Prize, PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2017

As we investigate Trustworthy AI and the ways in which we can move from opaque, closed systems towards open, transparent ones, we center the people: builders, users, whistle blowers, and all those affected. Mozilla Festival is the gathering place for human intelligence that weaves in ancestral, ecological, technical and spiritual knowledge, to move the needle in shaping Artificial Intelligence.

2024 Central Themes

At Mozilla Festival, we focus on the most pressing issues of our current digital world.


Working alongside each other in solidarity, and leveraging collective global efforts to impact change on a local level to develop and strengthen relationships and create sustainable political power.

Collective Wellbeing

We will work to move policy decisions, technological tools, and economic infrastructure toward collective well-being by being critical about who is building technology and who are they building it for.

Opportunity and Abundance

We will imagine a better future that is full of opportunity and abundance by standing against unfair treatment in our communities and stop putting money and machines ahead of people and the environment.

Gathering, online or in-person, is a political act, an exercise of will – a desire to be connected to one another in thought, experience, and practice. Because we can’t shift the status quo in isolation. And we can’t shift it in a vacuum.

We need context – and place is context. To understand just how interconnected our technological tools and decisions are, we need to zoom in regionally, we need to think locally. We need to begin with the nuance of place.

At Mozilla Festival, we champion inclusive digital governance. Together, we are co-creating a healthier internet and trustworthy AI, fueled by 15 years of collective effort.

MozFest House Amsterdam

MozFest House Amsterdam was a regional invitation for individuals, partners, allies, and initiatives to showcase their work within their local environment and experiences. House wasn't just a date on the calendar – it was a vibrant convergence of minds, a celebration of creativity, and a catalyst for change in the digital world.

Thematic Focuses at MozFest House Amsterdam

  • Building Unified Futures

    Technology, like the planet, belongs to us all. Building Unified Futures helped reclaim technology and thinking about different ways we can shape its future. We looked at how to make new, meaningful connections, facilitate inclusivity, and worked towards trustworthy AI that uplifts those historically shut out of tech. Together we’re creating new possibilities and exploring how to build a future with AI that’s truly accessible for us all.

  • Fair and Inclusive AI

    Technology can be fairer, and that's exactly what we're aiming for. We brought together people from different backgrounds across Europe to collaborate on AI solutions that are ethical, inclusive, and fair. Our focus was on ensuring transparency in both: the data utilised by AI and its development process. Fair and Inclusive AI also explored how AI legislation can truly embody transparency and diversity.

  • Our Democratic Futures

    Globally, democracy is under threat, and AI has the potential to make it worse. We took the opportunity to rethink approaches to democracy in the age of AI so that it enhances transparency, fairness, and protects citizen rights. By prioritising ethical considerations and inclusivity, we can build more engaged, informed, and democratic societies.

  • Planetary Justice

    We’re challenging the conventional understanding of technology and the normative approach to resolving the planetary crises’ we experience. Together, we helped create an ecosystem-driven understanding of the interconnectedness between our personal and communal well-being and actions, and an agenda to enact planetary justice in our digital futures.

Photo of Tara Vassefi
Community Spotlight

Meet Tara Vassefi

Her Trustworthy AI Working Group project, "Truth As A Public Good" is the foundation of her now full-time job. She is able to apply her project to waste diversion for the city of Washington D.C.

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