Top luminaries, grassroots activists, creative technologists, and interested consumers from around the world gather to share their insights, reflections, and ideas at MozFest. These conversations and collaborations are too good to not share on-demand, all year long.

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MozFest House: Kenya

In September 2023, MozFest House: Kenya brought together builders, researchers, policymakers, activists, civil society organizations, and philanthropy to connect and explore critical issues related to a healthy internet and trustworthy AI with regional focus on Eastern and Southern Africa.

MozFest House: Amsterdam

This year, MozFest House: Amsterdam harnessed our collective power to better our digital landscape, build transformative systems, and sustain momentum within our community towards positive human and digital rights progress.

MozFest Virtual 2023

The theme for MozFest 2023 is 'The Collective Power of the People', exploring how movements are core to catalyzing change online, and how people-driven technologies can address critical issues at the intersection of tech and society.