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MozFest House: Kenya

In September 2023, MozFest House: Kenya brought together builders, researchers, policymakers, activists, civil society organizations, and philanthropy to connect and explore critical issues related to a healthy internet and trustworthy AI with regional focus on Eastern and Southern Africa.

Danger & Precariousness of Labor Keynote with Daniel Motaung

Daniel spoke about his story and what he thinks needs to happen to hold tech companies accountable, including building global content moderator workers’ unions, advocating for better pay for content moderators, and including content moderators in high-level discussions at big tech companies.

Daniel shared how, when he applied for the job in content moderation, he thought he would be working with newspapers. After he was hired he learned he was working online, and for a social media company. Turns out he had signed up to screen graphic and traumatic images and videos for Meta via their contracting company, Sama. He was not given prior information about what this job would be, and did not have adequate support after regularly watching gruesome content - some of the darkest things humans are capable of. He developed PTSD as a result and ended up suing Meta for work-related damages.

A photograph of Daniel Motaung speaking on stage.

Session Highlights

What is the path towards inclusive digital identity?
Grace Mutung'u, Mustafa Mahmoud Yousif and Muthuri Kathure

This session examined the digitalization of public infrastructures in East Africa. Highlighting the need for public discourse on how the ID systems should work to avoid the repeating past failures.

African Feminism in Big Social Data
Ololade Faniyi and Ann Holland

Through the lens of the #womensmarchZambia movement, this session explored the repercussions of untruths and biased narratives, underscoring the need for a feminist reimagination of AI.

Transforming Education in Kenya
Mark Moriama

Spotlighting new approaches that are reshaping learning experiences, this session explored how innovations are making education accessible, engaging, and effective in diverse contexts.

Photo Album

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