Top luminaries, grassroots activists, creative technologists, and interested consumers from around the world gather to share their insights, reflections, and ideas at MozFest. These conversations and collaborations are too good to not share on-demand, all year long.

MozFest Virtual 2023

The theme for MozFest 2023 is 'The Collective Power of the People', exploring how movements are core to catalyzing change online, and how people-driven technologies can address critical issues at the intersection of tech and society.

A Conversation with Angela Davis and Christian Smalls

This was an incredible session that brought together iconic activists - Angela Davis, who has decades of political activism experience, and Christian Smalls, who founded the Amazon Labour Union in 2021.

Watching the two generations of activists share their wisdom with one another was a beautiful reminder of how movement building is an ongoing process rooted in community. Angela put it best when she reminded us that all individuals are products of our communities, and asked us to imagine what it might mean to live without the influence of capitalist individualism.

A screen shot of the Conversation with Angela Davis and Christian Smalls

Session Highlights

Centering Communities in the Data Economy
J. Bob Alotta, Kathleen Siminyu, Keoni Mahelona & Timnit Gebru

Through the lens of Indigenous language data this panel explores data practices ranging from extractive to centering communities in decision-making and sharing the data benefits with them.

From Detroit to Egypt - Parables Discussion
Yasmin Elayat, Siwatu-Salama Ra and Sanaa Seif

An exchange between Siwatu-Salama Ra and Sanaa Seif about the links between Octavia E. Butler’s Parables, technology, climate justice, and movements to end criminalization, militarism and colonialism.

AI Séance - AI Cosmologies
Amy Smith, Hope Schroeder and Zivvy Epstein

Applying generative AI to mediumship reifies the magic and unknowability of these black-box machines, yet centers agency on the experience of human creators to manifest artifacts in line with their im

  • Minecraft Education with the Youth Zone

    A collaboration with an ex-Wrangler’s new education venture, this world gives users free reign of Zoo in Minecraft for Education. Tasked with training a faulty AI that has been feeding the animals incorrectly, students learnt about the faults and powers of the algorithms, and how they’re only ever as good as the data they're built with.

  • Launch of the Rhizome of Babel

    The Rhizome of Babel - a digital project commissioned by Mozilla and created by Nigerian-Canadian visual artist Kosisochukwu Nnebe. The artwork functions as a compendium of audio responses to the following prompt: “Tell us a story about the first time you realized that your mother tongue could communicate something that other languages could not.” You can now contribute to the project here.

  • MozFest Science Fair

    This year, the MozFest Science Fair theme explored AI Anthologies and how society has come to rely on AI-based, data-driven interventions to address social issues. From an AI-musement Park to a Fungi-sea, from virtual hallways displaying projects and artwork to a Temple of the Muses, the Science Fair got us out of the normal “virtual” experience and into something new. You can explore the exhibition in Mozilla Hubs here.

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