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A person smiling at the camera standing in a purple studio with a tv screen and microphone
MozFest Studio Host Dzifa Kusenuh, 2022

MozFest is personable, fun, and above all a platform for community participation and engagement. MozFest is also Mozilla’s platform to share ideas and advocacy work, while raising up others working on similar or aligning topics, especially those who are often marginalised. MozFest cares most about inclusivity, accessibility, human and digital rights, and collaboration. These values allow us to support and focus the internet health movement towards a variety of topics, and themes year-on-year while continuing to hold true to our guiding values.

MozFest keeps its narrative easy to understand, in hopes of bringing in a diverse group of people from a wide range of disciplines, ages, native tongues, and cultures. MozFest honors its past; reflecting on the work and feedback which allows it to experiment and evolve, while looking and moving ahead towards an exciting and positive future for internet health.

The Mozilla brand is also reflected here in the festival voice: open, accessible, and community driven. Great care is taken in how both show up and compliment one another.