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Arrive with an idea. Leave with a community.

At Mozilla, we are committed to helping the world attain Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is demonstrably worthy of trust. Privacy, fairness, trust, safety, and transparency are all needed at the core of AI products and processes in order to realize Trustworthy AI.

At MozFest, this underpins the Spaces and Sessions, fueling everyone’s work, conversations, and collaborative efforts towards one common goal.

A collage of 5 images fom MozFest. Top right: someone painting with neon colored markers; top middle: group shot with foxy mascot in the middle; top right: a group of people sitting on the floor listening to a speaker standing in the middle; bottom left: two people standing and talking to one another; bottom middle: two people playing air hockey

Many people do not understand how AI regularly touches our lives, and feel powerless in the face of these systems. Mozilla is dedicated to ensuring the public understands that we can and must have a say in when machines are used to make important decisions – and shape how those decisions are made.

The best way to make this happen is to work like a movement: collaborating with citizens, companies, technologists, governments and organizations around the world working to make ‘Trustworthy AI’ a reality.

At MozFest, we ask the internet health movement to connect, collaborate and build Trustworthy AI, whether in products, policies, or guidelines. We will explore the core issues such as bias, transparency and data stewardship through art, film, debates and workshops, bringing global perspectives to advance local issues.