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Welcome to the MozFest Press Center, where you can find information and resources for your coverage of the annual festival.

Collage of headshots taken from virtual screens over zoom
Mozilla Festival 2021 opening circle group photo

For more than two decades, Mozilla has invested in visionary ideas, global leaders, and people-centered campaigns to ensure the internet remains open and accessible to all.

This work comes alive each year at MozFest: Part tech-and-society convening, part maker festival, part art exhibition — and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world.

More than ever, our online lives and societal issues are interconnected, and Artificial Intelligence is at the nexus. We know what’s at risk if AI is not trustworthy: our safety, security, privacy, and equality.

But at Mozilla, we don’t shy away from tackling big issues — like ensuring the technology embedded in our daily lives helps, rather than harms, humanity.

The festival harnesses the collective power of unexpected partnerships — from analog artists and public interest technologists to policymakers and queer activists — to disrupt the status quo and reframe and reimagine our online world. We write code. We create art. We brainstorm products and policies that put people first.

MozFest offers meaningful ways to be together, from virtual reality, to livestreams, to simply typing together in a text document. No matter who you are or how you want to connect, the MozFest community welcomes you.

Will you join us?

Our Goal

MozFest is Mozilla's largest public event to convene the global internet health movement, and other movements, working to keep the web open, free, and healthy for all.

MozFest provides space and a platform for a wide diverse audience to mobilise around global issues and share different perspectives to advance their own work and the work of the movement, and the work of Mozilla.

About us

Mozilla’s work is guided by the Mozilla Manifesto. Founded as a community open-source project in 1998, Mozilla currently consists of two organizations: the 501(c)3 Mozilla Foundation, which leads our movement-building work; and its wholly-owned subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation, which leads our market-based work. The two organizations work in concert with each other and a global community of tens of thousands of volunteers under the single banner: Mozilla.