Top luminaries, grassroots activists, creative technologists, and interested consumers from around the world gather to share their insights, reflections, and ideas at MozFest. These conversations and collaborations are too good to not share on-demand, all year long.

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MozFest 2021 | Trustworthy AI

As MozFest adjusted to meet the needs of our community during a global pandemic that thrust our digital world onto the main stage, Trustworthy AI was more important than ever. Both our Dialogues & Debates stage and interactive sessions broadcast deep discussions about biased algorithms; how AI is upending labor rights; how to build better data stewardship models; and much more.

Dialogues and Debates


MozFest 2019 | Healthy AI

2019 marked a year of change, of celebration, and new horizons. It was the 10th festival, the end of the first decade. Some of the biggest thinkers from the internet health movement shared the MozFest stage to talk about responsible AI, the future of disinformation, the state of online surveillance, and more.

MozFest 2018 | Your Data & You

“Your Data and You” was the thread that connected interactive sessions, art, games, Dialogues & Debates, and experiences at MozFest 2018. We examined the different lives that are impacted by the state of the web, from content moderators who are responsible for filtering content, to LGBTQ communities that remain marginalized in many online spaces. By taking a deep look at how the internet and human life intersect, we searched for ways to enact positive change.

MozFest 2017 | Web For All

With a focus on creating a more inclusive environment, there was a big need to raise awareness of what we can do together to make our online experience more inclusive, safe, and empowering. Speakers on the Dialogue & Debates stage questioned how we could connect everyone — regardless of gender or geography — to the entirety of the internet. Across the board, conversations focused on how the web could be a civil, safe space.

MozFest 2016 | One Web

As MozFest focused on creating immersive experiences for all festival attendees in 2016, we recognised that we needed an environment where big names could discuss the most pressing issues facing the web in full-length talks and panel discussions. And so Dialogues & Debates were born.