Call For Proposals

Welcome! We are so excited you’re considering proposing a session for MozFest 2019! Below you’ll find all the info you need to propose a session.

The MozFest Call for Proposals has now closed.

Our dedicated team of community curators called Space Wranglers will review submitted sessions over the next 4 weeks. Due to high caliber of proposals this year, the job of selecting sessions is much harder and taking us longer than anticipated. While we hoped to confirm by 2nd Sept, we now aim to email everyone by Tuesday 10th Sept with updates.

About MozFest sessions

We welcome sessions on a wide range of topics relevant to the internet health movement, but all sessions must be interactive and inclusive. An interactive session engages and activates participants from the start, gets them making and doing, rather than listening and watching. An inclusive session welcomes participants of different ages, experience levels, and disciplines. You are welcome to submit more than one session proposal.

Who can submit?

Anyone may submit a proposal for MozFest 2019. You don’t need any particular level of expertise to facilitate a session at MozFest, just a great project, idea, or topic. However, if you are under the age of 16 your parent or guardian must complete this form for you instead.

Are there other ways to submit my session idea?

Yes, for anyone who would like to submit using an audio or video recording, please email us at and we will send you the full list of questions to answer.

Who will come to my session?

Participants at MozFest come with a wide range of backgrounds, ages, abilities, disciplines, and levels of expertise. The diversity of the MozFest audience is what makes the festival unique. You may have anywhere from 3 to 25 participants in your session; everyone at the festival is welcome to attend any session during the event.

Is funding available to get me to London for MozFest?

Travel stipends are need-based, and only a very limited number of stipends are available. This application process is now closed. We hope to share updates with all travel stipend applications by August 9th.

How can I prepare a great session proposal?

Pick the right Space for your session. The MozFest Weekend experience is organized into thematic sections called “SPACES”. Each Space is a collection of sessions, art installations, and workshops exploring issues and current topics relevant to the internet health movement. Your session proposal should relate and respond to the Space you select.

Mozilla-Festival-2019_Neurodiversity copy.png

Learn more about the 2019 MozFest Spaces.


Download our resource toolkit for everything you need to know about submitting a great session to MozFest

What happens after I submit?

After submitting your proposal, your name, age bracket, organisation, and session data will be displayed publicly using Zenkit as part of the curation process. Any sensitive information that you submit (such as your email address, username handles, and accessibility requirements) are redacted from public view, and can only be seen by our programme team. You can find your session on the website under the space you submitted your session to.

Our dedicated team of community curators called Space Wranglers will review your session. If you are applying for a Travel Stipend, you will learn if your session has been selected or not by August 9, with next steps for travel. If you are not applying for a stipend, you will hear if your session has been selected or not by September.


If you have any questions, please email