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We’re thrilled to announce MozFest Ambassadors, a trial program aimed to share MozFest with new communities around the world, from different perspectives and in different voices.

MozFest Ambassadors

The goal of the Ambassador program is to increase MozFest’s reach online, ultimately leading to fresh, new participation from communities around the world. By increasing the depth and breadth of our community, we’ll add new perspectives, skills, and collaboration to the internet health work as a whole, strengthening the movement.

For our initial trial period, we asked a handful of people from diverse backgrounds and geographies to join us as MozFest Ambassadors, helping to share MozFest news and opportunities in their communities. These stand-out collaborators engage in work at MozFest and within the internet health community that has stood out as being inclusive, open, and a positive step towards a digital online world.

At MozFest 2021, we asked a handful of them to present the work they are doing in their community. Watch the session recording below.

Ambassador Hour at MozFest 2021

Meet our MozFest Ambassadors

MozFest 2019 Wrangler & 2018 Mozilla Creative Media Awardee

Akintunde Sultan

Lagos, Nigeria

MozFest Ambassador, Developer, I'm building one of the largest tech non-profits in Africa called DevCareer.

Founder, KamiLimu mentorship program.Award-winning researcher, educator, and mentor.2017 Techwomen Fellow.2018 Face of Science, Kenya.


São Paulo, Brasil

Cyber security research and activist advocating for digital privacy & security, feminism, cat lover, and human rights defender.

Ekansh Gupta

Delhi, India

Software Engineer @ Zeta (Directi) | IOSD | GitHub Campus Expert | Building CodeCapture ML&AI enthusiast | Wrangler for Education Space 2023

Emrys Green

Nottingham, UK

MozFest Wrangler 2015-2019, MozFest Ambassador since 2020. Project Manager for Events, Arts & Digital projects.

Mozilla Open Internet Leader, Wrangler, Ambassador & Creative Media Awardee. Founder at Digital Grassroots. I care about digital inequality.

Rin Oliver

Louisiana, USA

Nonbinary, neurodivergent technical community builder.

Pablo Aguilera

Mexico City

Pablo is currently focused on advocating and researching the impact of AI, censorship, and surveillance on LGBTQI+ populations.

I’m a long time MozFest lover and youth zone participant. I love to do digital art, like chibi & furries art edits. I my self am a softie.

If you would like to take part in a future MozFest Ambassador programme, use the form below to register your interest.