Trustworthy AI Working Groups

As we seek to support the MozFest community in building more tools and technology that promote Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI), we would like expert AI Builders to work alongside highly engaged Civil Society Actors in envisioning a more equitable automated future.

Trustworthy AI is helpful — rather than harmful — to human beings. For us, this means two things: human agency is a core part of how AI is built and integrated and corporate accountability is real and enforced. AI  impacts nearly every technology we interact with today, and how we approach AI determines how much privacy, safety, trust, transparency, and fairness we create for ourselves and one another online and off.

A MozFest attendee holds up a laptop in front of them, the lid of the laptop is covered in colorful decals and stickers.

We think of AI Builders as people who create Trustworthy AI and machine learning (ML) products, like data scientists, developers, engineers, and product and project managers.

A MozFest team member sitting behind a desk with a laptop in front of them that has a sticker of the MozFest logo on.

We think of Civil Society Actors as people outside government and industry working in their local and global communities through art, journalism, policy-making, research, scholarship, activism and technical literacy efforts, who care about the impact of artificial intelligence.

These communities will convene to promote Trustworthy AI through building better tools and technology and to think critically about how such tools and technology impact our local and global societies. They will proactively work together to reduce the harms of AI bias on underrepresented communities and improve the positive outcomes of AI for all.