Propose a Project

We are welcoming submissions from potential project leads who would like to join a Trustworthy AI Working Group and have an interest and/or expertise in either:

A MozFest participant works on a piece of technology that is placed on another participants head.

Building a prototype of a tool or technology that promotes Trustworthy AI for the Building Trustworthy AI Working Group.

A group of three MozFest participants sit around a table in discussion.

Launching a project or community of practice that helps civil society actors understand and promote Trustworthy AI as an essential part of their work for the Civil Society Actors for Trustworthy AI Working Group.

(Submissions for this working group are open to anyone who would like to propose and lead a project.)

Click the button below to begin your project submission. The deadline for proposing a project is Thursday, June 30 2022.

Projects should:

  • be proposed and led by potential project leads interested in joining a Trustworthy AI working group.
  • be experimental.
  • have a deliverable outcome like hosting a convening or event, launching a product or technology, developing a set of practices or standards, or producing a research project such as whitepaper.
  • demonstrate clear connections to the goals of the working group.
  • work openly and share work under an open license like CC BY 2.0.
  • engage the MozFest community and share their work at MozFest 2023.

The MozFest team supports project leads in a number of ways, including providing:

  • access to a group of AI builders and Civil Society Peer Experts to support your project
  • mentorship and guidance from Staff and Fellows at Mozilla with expertise ranging from AI to community management to project governance
  • a platform to showcase your work at MozFest 2023