Mozilla Festival is not just an annual date on the calendar. It's a collaborative community taking action on the issues that matter most all-year long.


Facilitators are ambassadors of the festival, leading sessions that explore various themes. They act as champions of the festival, bringing their work to the Mozilla Festival community to share, develop, and connect with others passionate about Internet Health and Trustworthy AI.

Becoming a Facilitator starts with a proposal: after thinking about an idea you want to explore at Mozilla Festival and submitting a session to our call-for-proposals (CFP). Once your idea gets the green light, you'll collaborate with the Wranglers and the Mozilla Festival Team, who will help you craft an inclusive and impactful session to share at Mozilla Festival.

Begin your Facilitator journey at MozFest

MozFest House Lusaka

Be a part of our regional events at MozFest House at in Lusaka, Zambia. This event zooms in on specific regional issues, connecting them with the global conversation on creating a better internet for all.

Virtual Gatherings

All year long, Mozilla Festival hosts virtual gatherings on our Discord server, sustaining the momentum from our exciting global and regional convenings and creating opportunities to learn about work going on in the Trustworthy AI and internet health movements.

Photo of Nate Angell, MozFest Facilitator
Community Spotlight

Meet Nate Angell

"I love that the MozFest community connects me to like-minded people all over the world! It’s so empowering to meet people who live a dozen timezones away, who share my passion for making things better for everyone, and who become my friends and colleagues.”"

Why Become a Facilitator at MozFest?

Introduce Your Work to a Global Community
Forge collaborations that can significantly broaden and impact your work with a diverse community of activists, policymakers, technologists, artists, and more.

Create Together

Partner with our Wranglers to co-design inclusive and participatory sessions.

Improve Your Facilitation Skills

Learn more about the unique ethos and frameworks developed by the Mozilla Festival community and enhance your own facilitation skills with new tools or techniques to make your sessions more impactful overall.

Grow Your Network

Connect with professionals and peers who share your interests and passions. This is your chance to meet like-minded individuals eager for collaboration, keen on exchanging knowledge and opportunities for growth.

Facilitating a session at Mozilla Festival

We've prepared a detailed guide packed with resources to help you from start to finish. The Facilitator Guide includes support for session design, platform tutorials, promotional tools, and insights into the Facilitator journey at Mozilla Festival.