Volunteering at MozFest

Being a volunteer at the festival is a great behind-the-scenes chance to learn how this incredible event unfolds. If you’re a Mozilla fan and a supporter of internet health, it’s the perfect way to contribute to the cause. And if you’re a newcomer to MozFest, it’s a way to join in, have a role and a team right off the bat.

All information provided during volunteer registration will be handled in accordance with the MozFest Volunteer Privacy Policy.

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MozFest House: Kenya - Calling all Volunteers!

Are you local to the Nairobi, Kenya area and interested in joining us to help bring MozFest House: Kenya to life?

MozFest House is an extension of MozFest, the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. It’s a local event that manifests the essence of MozFest in a regional setting, through small in-person sessions, workshops, discussions.

MozFest House: Kenya will take place from Thursday, September 21st - Friday, September 22nd, 2023.

As a Volunteer during MozFest House AMS, you can expect to:

  • Help great participants and facilitators as they enter and navigate the MozFest House venue
  • Assist with ticket registration and check-in, helping folks who might have basic questions or concerns
  • Help people navigate the program and find the sessions they want to attend
  • Work with facilitators and partners on venue setup and basic technical troubleshooting
  • Supporting with administrative tasks
  • Connect people with other MozFest and support staff if you don’t know the answer to a question
  • Report and escalate any concerns regarding our community participation guidelines to the festival safety team
  • Last, but certainly not least, checking out some of the fantastic sessions and discussions!

All information provided during volunteer registration will be handled in accordance with the MozFest Volunteer Privacy Policy.

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In 2023, MozFest House is harnessing our collective power to better our digital landscape, build transformative systems, and sustain momentum within our community towards positive human and digital rights progress. It is through the collective power of the people that we can actualize Trustworthy AI.

Meet your Volunteer Coordinators

The Volunteer Coordinators work almost year-round on the program, investing many hours to build processes and resources that help Volunteers get the most out of their time spent supporting the festival in their roles.

Anais Hristea

London. UK

UX Designer in cognitive healthcare research | Volunteering at MozFest since 2017

AV Dan

London, UK

Volunteer Coordinator, supporting the Mozilla Festival community since 2010

Paul Wright

Hampshire, UK

A contributor to Mozilla since 2015, enjoys the challenge of bringing so many from so far together to make the web even more awesome.

Robby Sayles

Miami, Florida, United States

Robby has been leading volunteers at MozFest for years; he continues to exemplify volunteerism with the Mozilla mission, even with a smile.

MozFest 2023 Volunteer Coordinator

The ethos of volunteering lies at the very core of the movement and how Mozilla operates. It’s not just about showing up or getting experience to put on a resume. It’s about friendships, connecting throughout the year, and uniting together as one Mozilla community.

Upcoming Volunteering Events

MozFest House Kenya 2023 - Volunteer Meetup / Q&A

Volunteering at MozFest House Kenya? Let's get together to get to know one another, meet some of the folks on the MozFest team, and discuss what you can expect during your volunteer shift.

Photograph of Robby Sayles
Community Spotlight

Meet Robby

"The Volunteer program is made up of a group of people who have a love for the open web, internet health, and passion for the community. They embody the internet health movement."