While Mozilla provides a basic structure, resources, and support, the festival is essentially designed and produced by volunteers — teams of educators, activists, engineers, artists, and researchers who care about the open web and a healthy internet.

59 wranglers for 2023
32 week co-design process
8 spaces and experiences

Federated Design Principals

MozFest is shared by design. Mozilla gives Wranglers driving lessons, and then hand them the keys to the car. In turn, they chart a map that Facilitators use make the schedule come to life. Those Facilitators then take participants on a ride that inspires them to take action in their own local communities. And the Volunteers are the mechanics that ensure our adventure runs smoothly each step of the way.

Co-Design Structure

As movement builders, we seek to forge new partnerships, invite diverse collaboration, and create structures for mutual support and action.

Collaborative Spaces

Spaces are the core building blocks of the festival: thematically-related collections of sessions and activities designed to spur collaboration, engagement, and action.


Once Wranglers have completed their curation, we typically end up with more that 500 individual Facilitators bringing their work to MozFest.

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Community Spotlight

Meet Lujain

"MozFest extended my network and introduced me to researchers, artists, organizers, and more community members working on issues that matter to me professionally and personally at the intersection of tech and society."

Meet the MozFest 2023 Wranglers

Autonomy & Governance

MozFest 2023 Wrangler for Autonomy & Governance

Navya sri Kalli

Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India

MozFest 2023 Wrangler for Autonomy & Governance. Associate Data Scientist at Optum Global Solutions.

HR & Recruitment Coordinator, Mozilla Foundation. Multilingual. Worldwide citizen.

MozFest 2023 Wrangler for Autonomy & Governance

Allies in Practice

Zeina Abi Assy

New York

Partnerships & Dialogue Lead. Curator. Writer. Designer.

Lucie Click

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

MozFest Event Manager, working on producing MozFest23 in a virtual world and well as other smaller MozFest community events.

Sarah Allen

London, UK

Director, Mozilla Festival

AI Cosmologies

Tyler Munyua (he/they)

Portland, Oregon

Tyler Munyua is a creative and activist with a background in law. Tyler is also the Wrangler Program Assistant on the MozFest Team.

Sophia Bazile

Somewhere on Earth.. for Now

MozFest 2023 AI Cosmologies Experience Wrangler Futures & Foresight, Facilitator. Curator, Convener. Speaker. Perpetual Seeker.

Education and Equal Access

Tushar Jain


MozFest@23 - Wrangler Software Developer

Lewis Munyi

Nairobi, Kenya

Wrangler 2022 / 2023, MozFest. Software Engineer. Passionate about web literacy around privacy & security, and language inclusion.



Chamin is MozFest wrangler who is interested in Education and Privacy. He also volunteers in activities related to trustworthy AI.

Mar Marín


MozFest Wrangler 2021-2023 ✨ Working around the intersection of tech and social studies. Now: Comms Lead at Code for All & WTM Ambassador.

Ekansh Gupta

Delhi, India

Software Engineer @ Zeta (Directi) | IOSD | GitHub Campus Expert | Building CodeCapture ML&AI enthusiast | Wrangler for Education Space 2023

Humans Behind the Machine

MozFest 2023 Wrangler for Humans Behind the Machine

MozFest Wrangler. I want to build AI in a more ethical, community centered way. Excited for conversations we'll have about shifting power.

Stefan Baack

Berlin, Germany

Research and data analyst for the Insights Team of the Mozilla Foundation. Internet Health Report, data stewardship, AI datasets


Carli Cole

Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada

Marketing Coordinator at Mozilla

MozFest 2023 Wrangler for Mozone


Vancouver, Canada

MozFest 2023 Wrangler for Mozone (Software Engineer)

Lisa Gutermuth

Berlin, Germany

Lisa is a program officer with the Data Futures Lab at Mozilla Foundation.

Alexander Zimmerman

Stolen Wabanaki land and water / Maine, US

Thinking on Power dynamics within Data, AI, Tech Workers & beyond... Platforms Team @ Mozilla Foundation

Hailey Froese

Toronto, Canada

Program Officer, Alumni Engagement

Eeva Moore


Engagement Manager for Mozilla Insights. Always on the hunt for stories about people building a healthier internet.

Jessie Keating

Rochester, New York, USA

Sr. Lead, Institutional Giving + Partnerships on Mozilla's Global Programs Team

Radical Inclusion

Teresa Makokha

Nairobi, Kenya

An operational researcher committed to decision making through data driven evidence generation. Human cantered design practice.Afrobeats ❤

Shaimaa Al Essai

Al Buraimi, Oman

MozFest 2023 Wrangler for the Radical Inclusion experience

Brian Oballa

Nairobi, Kenya

A microbiologist who has a keen interest in the intersection of Biology and tech.

Acintya Jayawardena

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Wrangler for the 2023 Mozilla Festival's Radical Inclusion Experience Bedroom Musician, E-coli enthusiast. - "To change is human nature."

Kiwako Sakamoto

Berlin, Germany & Japan

MozFest Wrangler 2021-2023; a feral researcher; prev @World Bank to institutionalize data science with responsible practices

Tech & Biodiversity: Legado 2060

Uruguayan sociologist dedicated to the intersections between digital technologies, education and human rights, with a special focus on youth

Gracielle Higino

Brazil / Canada

Theoretical & Quantitative Ecology freak. SciComm & Open Science leader. Catalyst of movements.


São Paulo, Brasil

Cyber security research and activist advocating for digital privacy & security, feminism, cat lover, and human rights defender.

Utility of Transparency

Susan Kennedy

Richmond, Virginia, USA

Program Manager at Superbloom, a design + research nonprofit changing who tech serves. MozFest '23 Utility of Transparency Wrangler.

Nikhil Nambiar

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Free-software Evangelist with 14+ years of experience of solving social problems using Digital Technology.

Lama Ahmad

San Francisco, CA, USA

MozFest 2023 Wrangler for Utility of Transparency | Policy Researcher at OpenAI

Diana Bichanga

Nairobi, Kenya

Diana Bichanga is a lawyer currently working as a program associate, in digital rights at Internews.

Youth Zone

Zuleika Buhar

Sri Lanka

An architecture student who is also deeply passionate in involving and educating the youth in pressing and relevant social issues.

Jaselle Edward-Gill

Berlin, Germany

Program Associate

MozFest Wrangler 2019 in the Youth Zone, secondary school student, advocate for girls in STEM/STEAM, love to code, create and make!

Joseph Thomas

London, UK

Mozfest Wrangler 2018 -2023. Executive Software Engineer with ANDTr. Aspiring failed comedy writer.

Iseult Mangan

Mayo, Ireland

Mozfest attendee since 2015, Wrangler for Youth + Futures, Interested in technology in education, and safeguarding youth online!