MozFest is not just an annual date on the calendar. It's a collaborative community taking action on the issues that matter most all-year long.


While Mozilla provides a basic structure, resources, and support, the festival is essentially designed and produced by MozFest Wranglers — teams of educators, activists, engineers, artists, and researchers who care about the open web and a healthy internet.

Wranglers are practitioners, activists, academics, and artists across geographies who collaborate to create an arc that ties together the festival narrative and festival themes (aka Spaces) to bring attention to pressing issues in the internet health and Trustworthy AI spaces. They share an invitation to participate at the festival that convenes diverse communities through community-led sessions and hands-on experiences.

Wrangling at MozFest 2024

MozFest Wranglers are the connection point between the festival narrative and the facilitators, who will become the face of the festival.

Wranglers will dedicate 2-3 hours/week from March to June 2024 to co-design the MozFest experience and design areas of thematic focus for the Netherlands festival.

They are responsible for a number of key, high value deliverables that reflect their vision for MozFest, and the perspectives and priorities of their communities. MozFest Wranglers also choose the sessions and design what the space will look like at the venue.

Your Chance To Shape MozFest

Applications to help co-design MozFest House in the Netherlands have now closed, but you can still register your interest to wrangler future MozFest events.

Register your interest
A photograph of Lujain
Community Spotlight

Meet Lujain

"MozFest extended my network and introduced me to researchers, artists, organizers, and more community members working on issues that matter to me professionally and personally at the intersection of tech and society."

Why participate as a 2024 Wrangler?

  1. Inform the MozFest program, shape the narrative on a topic you are passionate about, and create change via new collaborations at MozFest
  2. Be at the forefront of the internet health and Trustworthy AI movement and learn from other builders, thinkers, and doers
  3. Networking and community building opportunities, including opportunities to be featured in other MozFest related events
  4. Leadership development and skill building opportunities, including mentorship
  5. Letter of program completion from Mozilla and professional references

Federated Design

MozFest is shared by design. Mozilla gives Wranglers driving lessons, and then hand them the keys to the car. In turn, they chart a map that Facilitators use make the schedule come to life. Those Facilitators then take participants on a ride that inspires them to take action in their own local communities. And the Volunteers are the mechanics that ensure our adventure runs smoothly each step of the way.